Friday, December 9, 2022


The best way to level a fifth wheel? Make it levitate!


“Ah, look at that, Honey. We’re level!” Do you think these fifth wheel owners had a hard or easy time backing their rig into their spot for the night? We can’t quite decide.

Either way, there’s zero tire wear, they’ll have the perfect opportunity to rotate those tires, and, hey, they’re completely level. OK, sure, this is extremely dangerous, but honestly, it doesn’t look too shabby. They just might need some stair extenders for their door…and some snowshoes, too.

We found this photo on the Facebook page, where we always find things that make us chuckle.


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Jeff Craig
1 year ago

Makes me wonder if these poor devils slid off the road on ice, that was then covered over by the snow. If you look at the roof vent covers, the snow is built up on the street side of them, and having survived several Oklahoma ice storms, that is a very plausible explanation.

Hook n' Haul 789
1 year ago

The water hook-up is on the wrong side.

Edward Wullschleger
1 year ago


Terri R
2 years ago

Looks to me like they were ready to come south for the winter & in pulling out of their yard this happened…. bit of a travel delay. Wonder if roadside assistance works in your own yard????

2 years ago

It doesn’t look photoshopped (perspective, gravity of suspension, etc), but it’s a very weird photo… there’s no tire tracks of rolling there, nor “shadow” in the snowfall to suggest it’s already been there while it snowed…

2 years ago
Reply to  Wolfe

My guess is he was driving and “spun out”. So all the tracks are on the other side of the vehicle. Lucky he didn’t roll it.

Glen Cowgill
1 year ago
Reply to  Paul

If you look closely, there are aircraft in the background. He appears to be coming up to a intersection so my guess he just lost it. My RV only seen snow once and seems to love the sun.

2 years ago

Best to plan ahead? Know your rig!

2 years ago


Bob p
2 years ago

You can’t fix stupid!

Ralph Pinney
2 years ago
Reply to  Bob p

My thoughts exactly.

2 years ago

Never mind the parking job! I see a FIRE Hydrant in that picture, which will almost certainly get them a TICKET, for parking too close!