Thursday, January 20, 2022


Don’t forget to clean those dirty RV AC and heat pump filters. Yuck!

It is easy to forget to clean the interior AC and heat pump filters in an RV, particularly the overhead ones – out of sight, out of mind. It is important, though! Cleaning not only reduces dust and allergens, but it allows better airflow.

We have a ducted ceiling system in our RV and it is so easy to pop out the ducts, pull the foam filters out, then easily wash, dry and replace. I am always surprised by how dirty the filters are. If we have spent a lot of time in the desert with the AC on, it can take several washes and rinse cycles to clean.

Here’s how you clean them

Simply fill a sink with hot water and some liquid dish soap and soak them, then rinse until clean. I bought a second set of filters to be able to rotate and replace while the newly washed ones dry. You can find replacement ones available here.

If it is an interior AC unit, simply pull open the grate, remove the foam filter and wash gently. Make sure it is thoroughly dry before replacing.

These filters are also easily replaceable with similar ones or with advanced filtration to fit a variety of AC units. Find a variety here.

Some people add a drop of essential oil to the filter before replacing it to add a bit of fragrance to the air. If you do this, make sure you really like the fragrance or you may be washing them again!



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1 month ago

I take mine in the shower.

David Telenko
1 month ago

Dang learn something new all the time. I didn’t even know our ducted ceiling vents had filters! I bet after 5 years of use, they be like dirty. I look later & see!
Thanks for the tip

1 month ago

We wash our filters regularly but are now anxious to use the essential oil tip. Thanks!

1 month ago

How can you say YUCK when the filters are full of YOU. It is some thing that has to be done.