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TireTraker monitors tire pressure and temperature wirelessly

Your RV’s tires are near the top of the list of safety features that you don’t want to take any chances with, like hoping that they maintain the proper pressure, are not going flat from a road puncture, or are weakening from age or road temperatures.

Low pressure is the leading cause of premature tire failure. The TireTraker™ TT-500C can provide early notice of potential problems and assist in maintaining proper pressurization in vehicle tires.

The TireTraker™ system is a full-time wireless electronic tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) designed to monitor and display tire pressures from 0 psi up to 232 psi, and also to monitor tire temperatures from 14°F to 185°F. The system is capable of displaying current tire pressure and temperature.  It’s the only TPMS system on the market with a lifetime warranty.

In addition to your RV, your trailer and tow vehicles can also be monitored, as the system is capable of monitoring up to 22 tires. The base system includes everything you need to monitor up to 4 tires. If you require more, simply check additional sensors in the ‘Accessories’ tab, and then adjusting the quantity when you Check Out (remember that the system ships with 4 sensors, so if you have 10 wheels, you would need to order 6 additional sensors which is 3 packs of 2).

The TireTraker™ TT-500C consists of two basic components: Tire Sensors/Transmitters, which screw onto the valve stems of tires, and a Monitor/Receiver. Sensors transmit a coded RF signal and alert if pressure drops, pressure increases or temperature increases. The Monitor displays each tire’s pressure and temperature per tire position and will display an audible and visual alert if tire pressure or temperature changes.

Learn more about the TireTraker at its website. As of April, 2016, the four wheel version was selling for $289.



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