Friday, December 9, 2022


Tour of the new Sol Dawn trailer with the builder


Forget the brochures, press releases and website hype! Host Scott Linden of the RV Travel podcast goes to the source for a fresh, candid look at the new Sol Dawn trailer from inTech RV. It’s our first video tour of this new RV, with an exclusive walk-around conducted by a company insider. We’ll kick the tires, literally, take an in-depth look inside and out, and discuss the motivation behind some of the innovative designs and technology.

No sales talk and no rehashed promotional copy. This is the real deal from those who built the trailer and answers the questions you’d ask if you had the big shots cornered in their latest rig. You’re the fly on the wall, listening to frank conversation, not a sales pitch. We’ve taken Scott’s podcast audio tour of the Sol Dawn trailer, then added a video so you can see for yourself weeks before you can see it at a dealer!

You can read our own Tony Barthel’s review of the trailers here.


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