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Best new RVs by New Horizons and Leisure Travel Vans for 2024

Izzy and MJ from Endless RVing [108K subscribers, 24M views]recently attended the Hershey RV Show and made the video below to show us what they believe are some of the best new RVs coming in 2024 made by New Horizons and Leisure Travel.

New Horizons RVs for 2024

The video begins at the New Horizons section of this massive RV show to highlight some of the features and changes this luxury 5th wheel manufacturer has made in its 2024 models, specifically the Majestic and the Summit. However, you should note that the video claims that the Summit 5th wheel highlighted is the last one made, so if you like this RV and see it on the market, grab it, as they are no longer being produced.

The Majestic, on the other hand, is a made-to-order, fully customizable coach, so it will fit in the same space as the Summit but is built to spec. Nonetheless, the Summit that they tour here will give you a good idea of what you could get with the Majestic.

Watch the video to take a tour and get a true feel for the quality of the RV. It just seems solid! According to MJ and Izzy, New Horizons makes some of the highest-quality RVs on the market, which is why they can be difficult to find used.

New Horizons recently became a FlexArmor installer, so that option is now available on their new RVs. The rigs also come with Victron lithium batteries as well as a triple water filtration system.

I love the way the water system works. If you ever have a leak, you can cut the water off to just that area. In other words, you can cut water off to the shower while still being able to use the kitchen sink.

The quality continues inside. According to MJ, you can smell the wood upon entering. This is a high-quality luxury RV outfitted with nearly every amenity you can think of in its highest-quality version.

You truly need to watch the video to appreciate this interior that far more closely resembles a luxury apartment than an RV. Full-timers could live in luxury without having to give up much of anything that a sticks-and-bricks home offers. The RV even has a built-in wine cooler.

Learn more about New Horizons RVs here.

Leisure Travel Vans for 2024

On the opposite end of the spectrum size-wise from New Horizons, MJ and Izzy next visit the Leisure Travel Vans section of the show in further search of the best new RVs for 2024.

This Canadian brand produces extremely high-quality RVs, albeit in far smaller packages than the New Horizons fifth wheels profiled in the beginning of the video. (Just interested in Leisure Travel Vans? Skip to point 12:20 in the video.)

In the video, they take a tour of a 25-foot Leisure Travel Van built on a Mercedes chassis. Upon stepping inside, this interior is also filled with real hardwood cabinets and appointments and is built solid.

Despite having no slides, the camper van feels roomy and makes excellent use of ALL its space.

Unlike many camper vans, this one has a roomy dry bath.

They also tour a different model, the Unity FX, that does have a slide, also built on a Mercedes chassis.

The interior of the Unity is amazing and looks more like a larger RV than a camper van.

Before signing off, they take a quick look at the Wonder, one of Leisure’s smaller camper vans, built on a Ford Chassis.

Learn more about Leisure Travel Vans here.

All the best new RVs profiled in this video are at the high end of the price spectrum, but high-quality RVs always are.


Cheri Sicard
Cheri Sicardhttps://cannademy.com/
Cheri Sicard is the author 8 published books on topics as diverse as US Citizenship to Cannabis Cooking. Cheri grew up in a circus family and has been RVing on and off her entire life.



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Harry (@guest_254757)
2 months ago

I didn’t see much of LTVs but saw them too much. If they are going to make statements about rvs they should know what they are talking about.
Like, the Wonder is much smaller and much cheaper! It’s a Ford.

Sailor Bill (@guest_254777)
2 months ago
Reply to  Harry

Harry, I agree that they should know what they are talking about. Both the Unity models on the Mercedes chassis and the Wonder models on the Ford Transit chassis are Class C motorhomes not B vans or “camper vans” as they referred to them as. Also both the Unitys and the Wonders are the same size; 25 feet. The Wonder is not much smaller as you said and although the Wonder is less expensive it is still pretty pricy. The Unitys start at about $195,000.00 US and the Wonders start around $185,000.00 US. EEE Leisure Travel Vans in Winkler, Manitoba, Canada make just under 1000 units combined a year, currently about 8 Unitys for every 2 Wonders due to short supply of Ford Transit chassis. I have a 2021 Wonder Murphy Bed.

Bill H. (@guest_254744)
2 months ago

Camera focused too much on them, not product. Sorry, too hard to watch…
And can’t find 300K either.

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