Trivia Quiz: Issue 892


Ok. Here’s this week’s Trivia Quiz. It’s seven questions about travel history. See how many you can correctly guess. After you answer all the questions, your teacher will issue you a grade! But don’t worry. You’re the only one who will see it (in case you messed up).


  1. I couldn’t get to the RV Newsletter until Sunday morning. Quiz works just fine now. But like someone else mentioned, it says I got 5 or 6 right. 5 or 6? A computer doesn’t know simple math? [big smile].

    • Sorry you can’t see it, rEG Gray. Are your popups or ads blocked? That might be why you can’t see the quiz. —Diane at

  2. For those that can’t see the quiz button, I had to disable the ad blocker for this site to get the quiz button. I got 7 of 7 right.

    • You don’t see the big blue Start Quiz button under the big picture of the RV? If not, I’ll check with one of our IT folks to see if they have any idea of what’s going on. Sorry you’re having a problem with it. —Diane at

    • Sorry, James. Under the picture there’s a blue button that says “Start Quiz”. Just click on that and it should take you right into the quiz. Good luck! 😀 —Diane at

  3. Keep the trivia questions. I do have a question though, my results said “ I had 3 or 4 correct”.

    I guess the teacher couldnt keep track?

  4. Wow! You’ve outdone yourself with the disappearing Trivia Quiz. Should I start guessing now or just wait for the answers next week?

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