Monday, September 26, 2022


What we learned about you last week (April 6-12)

By Emily Woodbury

Tough crowd this week! Actually, not really, your numbers were very predictable. Enjoy and make sure you read all the way to the end … there’s a special treat waiting down there for you. Drool.

When asked last Saturday, “How likely are you to stay more than a night where there is no Internet or cell service?” only 20 percent of you answered that you wouldn’t stay more than one night. The majority of you, 40 percent, said it depends on other things, so you might stay, you might not; and 37 percent of you don’t care about having Internet or cell service at all – you’d stay as long as you wanted. Finally, a small 4 percent of you would rather be without any connection anyway. Most of your comments point out that we all rely on cell phones and Internet service in case of emergencies, but Andrew Kapusta, Jr. says, “It doesn’t matter if the campground has wifi service or not. We go to visit and enjoy the outdoors, not to be on the computer. The only thing I would miss is getting my RV Travel Newsletter and that would be waiting for me when I get home.” Awwww.

On Monday we started the week by asking if you subscribe to a satellite TV service while RVing, and about 1/3 of you do! Most of you though, 66 percent, do not; but a whole 34 percent of you do!

Many of you commented that you like The Big Bang Theory (me too!).

I guess that ties into Wednesday’s question (we’ll get to Tuesday in a minute) when we asked how often you watch television sitcoms. A combined 35 percent of you watch them regularly or frequently, but 66 percent of you say you never or rarely watch them. Funny, those numbers align perfectly with those above. Hmm … it all makes sense now.

All right, back to Tuesday. We were curious to know if you drink soft drinks and, if so, do you drink regular or diet? Most of you, 38 percent, answered that you drink diet sodas, while 30 percent of you drink regular. Nearly a third of you, 32 percent, don’t drink soda at all. I don’t usually drink soda either, but I sure could go for a nice cold root beer right now … mmmmm!

Boy, we’ve had pretty even numbers this week! If the numbers are right, the people who don’t have satellite TV service and who don’t watch television sitcoms, prefer cheese sticks to candy for a snack! Just kidding, although that is what the numbers say! On Thursday we wanted to know if you had to pick a snack, would you choose candy or a cheese stick. Like myself, 67 percent of you said you’d rather eat a cheese stick, but 33 percent of you would rather eat candy. Rich Wielechowski (now that’s a last name!), says he’d pick candy unless the cheese sticks were squeaky Wisconsin cheese curds (good call, Rich.)

Well, folks, you’ve now left me wanting a root beer, a chocolate bar, and a cheese stick. Congratulations, you’ve successfully made me hungry … and thirsty. Since you did that to me, it’s only fair I do it to you too, right? So I’ll leave you with this, this and this. Ha! I almost feel guilty…


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