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Unique, budget-friendly gifts for RVers they’re sure to appreciate

No matter what the occasion, season or type of RV they own, these unique RV gift ideas will suit almost anyone on your RV gift list. They’re also easy on your budget.

Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 14, and Father’s Day is Sunday, June 18, so perhaps these gift ideas will spark your interest…

Unique gifts for RVers they’re sure to appreciate

  • Personalized, imprinted note cards, napkins, and “business” cards with an RV theme are gifts that say, “I’m thinking specifically of Y-O-U and your love for camping.”
  • For a few dollars, give a supply of disposable paper party goods from the dollar store.  Buy them in the color scheme of the recipient’s RV, or favorite sports team, or the next holiday. Disposable cups and plates can be used on busy days, then burned in the campfire.
  • Did they name their RV? How about polo shirts or baseball caps embroidered with the name of the recipient’s rig?
  • Almost anyone can use a new belt. Make it RV-specific with a big, shiny camping-theme belt buckle from Etsy.
  • A set of colorful insulated glasses will keep drinks cold longer and won’t leave rings.
  • For about $1 each, you can pick up a bouquet of three, six or a dozen solar stake lights that are easily placed around each campsite, then easily removed.
  • Do you have a great photo of the person with their rig? Order an imprinted mug, canvas print, key ring or other token.
  • Luggage straps are good for more than suitcases. Use them to bind any unwieldy bundle such as a bed roll, yoga mat, patio rug and down-filled comforters and clothing. Bonus points if it’s personalized with the name of the rig or the purpose such as “Ben’s Bedding” or “Betsy’s Parkas.”
  • Any camp cook will welcome a bright new pair of kitchen gloves. Bonus points if you add a barbecue apron. Double points if the apron is personalized.
  • The campfire is the heart of the campsite-home. Give a cluster of fatwood fire starters, artificial logs, cedar planks for salmon or “magic” flames for a dash of color. (Or have the kids make Grandpa a supply of homemade fire starters. You know, the kind made with dryer lint and discarded toilet rolls? Here are eight examples.)
  • Give the camp chef a basket filled with three or more bottled hot sauces from all over the world. The basket can be passed at the table and the sauces added to taste. The colorful labels are conversation starters.
  • Compact, simple games such as a bright new pack of fancy playing cards, a bag of marbles or jacks, dominoes, ring toss, and age-appropriate crosswords, Sudoku, Word Search, adult coloring books.
  • Pocket compasses come in many price ranges from toy quality to expensive heirlooms.
  • Walking sticks are trendy and can also be a fashion statement. Bonus points for exotic woods, carvings or walking sticks with a built-in compass and/or thermometer.
  • Hospital-type slipper socks to wear inside the camper, motorhome or tent. One size fits all. They come in a choice of colors. Find them online and at medical supply places for under $2 a pair in S, M, L, XL and XXL.
  • A sleeping bag liner can be changed easily and often. Bonus points if it’s luxurious silk.
  • Chemical light sticks are popular for parties but they are also practical, providing safe emergency lighting without batteries or a fire hazard.
  • Most folks can always use more stuff bags in all sizes. They stow flat, then come in handy for laundry, catch-alls, toting,  shopping, sorting, stowing.
  • You’ve seen disposable bath mats in hotels. Wouldn’t it be great to have your own disposable bath mat every time you visit the campground showers? The choice of disposable floor mats is immense: antimicrobial floor mats, temporary runners to protect flooring when moving in and out, gaily patterned “splat” mats to place under highchairs, paper doormats outside your car at the service center. Dozens of types and styles of disposable mats are sold in bulk by for commercial use (this website is fun to explore—who knew there were so many types of floor mats?!). Buy in quantities of 24 to 500 for as little as pennies apiece, then share with camping friends.

Summing things up: Keep your gifts compact, practical, useful and know that edible gifts are always appreciated. What’s been the best gift you’ve received recently? Tell us about it in the comments.



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Calvin Wing
1 month ago

How about instead of or in addition to bottles of hot sauce— bottles of Whisky, beer, wine….. you get my drift.

Neal Davis
1 month ago

Thank you, Janet!

Ham Radio
1 month ago

Add to the list custom garden flags. Our cousins are workcampers with a container garden. We found an imprint company that offered a colorful garden flag with graphic vintage trailer with “Happy Campers” +(their first names and home town). Added a metal holder from a big box hardware store and presented it. The recipients were delighted.

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