Wednesday, November 29, 2023


Upgrade your RV to the coolest “LED Lites”

By Bob Difley

RV LED Lites' Naked-Bulb
RV LED Lites’ Naked-Bulb

Have you switched your RV lights over to LEDs yet? As you likely know from all the press given to LEDs lately, they will last longer than your RV, are more efficient (they give off less wasted heat), cost less to operate, and they look cool.

But all LEDs are not the same, says Gregg Wilson, owner of both Gregg Wilson Designs (he’s been designing LED lights for years) and RV LED Lites. Take for instance his Naked-Bulbs™ that not only have a wide-voltage operational range but also have his patent pending flow-through ventilation that keeps the bulb running cooler (LEDs will last over 60,000 hours when the voltage and heat are controlled).

What also makes RV LED Lites different from others is that all of the products are EMI Suppressed so as not to disrupt sensitive electronics like radios and TVs in today’s RVs while viewing.

You can find Gregg’s Naked-Bulb LED Lites, as well as his Bug-Guard and Motion-Guard porch lights on the RV LED Lites website.

You can find Bob Difley’s RVing ebooks on Amazon Kindle.

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