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Using your RV generator in tight quarters? You need this!


It’s critical while camped in tight quarters — for example at a rally or tailgate party — that you do not send your generator’s exhaust into the coach next door. This has happened and people have died from breathing the fumes.

The solution is a Gen-turi generator exhaust venting system, which you will see explained in the video to the right produced by Camco. With the Gen-turi system installed, the potentially deadly fumes will be diverted from the ground and into the air above your coach and those of your neighbors, so they won’t be inhaled by you or anyone around you.

The Gen-turi utilizes a tubing and coupling system to raise generator exhaust above the top level of your RV. It can be used with RVs utilizing virtually any exhaust pipes size by way of a variety of adapters. Additional features include: lightweight design, a rubberized stabilizing/sound reduction system and a storage bag.

Reduces noise
Generator exhaust “noise” comes from two sources: vibration and the sound made by the actual gases leaving the exhaust pipe. Most manufacturers mount generators in a manner that uses some type of rubber material to isolate the vibration of the generator. Even though the Gen-turi is rigidly secured to the exhaust system, rubber straps are used to stabilize the Gen-turi to the coach. This prevents transferring the vibration noise of the generator system to the coach.

As an added benefit, the noise made by the gases discharging from the generator exhaust pipe is diverted upward, above the roof line of the coach. As a result, in most installations, the exhaust system is actually quieter with the Gen-turi installed.

In the video here, you’ll see the venting system explained and then installed. The Gen-turi system is available at and many RV accessory retailers.

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