Friday, December 8, 2023


7 bicycle campers: Micro trailers that can be towed with a bike!

By Cheri Sicard
Believe it or not, bicycle campers are a thing. And they are awesome!

Whether you bike to your destination or drive to an area then bike off to an incredible camping spot you couldn’t otherwise easily reach, these micro campers are the height of innovative small-space living.

The video below takes a look at seven amazing bicycle campers

Fold-a-Van from Wooden Widget

Cheap, lightweight, easy to set up, and aerodynamic, you could carry this in your car, then bike off to an amazing camping spot. It has three modes: stow, tow, and camping.

B Turtle Micro Caravan

Named for its resemblance to a turtle’s shell, this is a sturdy but extremely light pop-up tent camper that can be towed by a bike. When at camp, an innovative inflation system extends the rig into a spacious tent space. It has lots of storage and is waterproof.

Telescopic Bike Campers Trailer

This easy-to-steer tiny trailer telescopes out at your campsite to provide additional space.  It only takes about 40 seconds to assemble and is just as easy to dismantle and be ready to ride again. While this particular trailer never went into production, the video could provide some interesting ideas for an ambitious do-it-yourself RV builder.

Bicycle Caravan

The wooden styling of this bicycle-pulled trailer gives it a classic retro design. There is surprisingly a lot of living and storage space in the lightweight bike camper. Even more impressive, it has a kitchenette with a fridge and table! A mini solar panel powers lights and devices.

Camper Bike

This is one of the larger designs in the video and the one that most resembles a traditional RV. The sleeping area rests over the driver, just like in a truck camper. This bicycle-towed mini tiny house for one will surely turn heads anywhere it goes. I will say that it looks more challenging to tow than some of the other models.

Wide Path Bicycle Camper

A hard-sided shell with a protractor-like folding design that opens at camp for expanded space, this camper takes less than three minutes to set up. But it provides a cozy and secure-feeling indoor space. There’s seating, a table bed, and lots of under-bed storage.

ELUK Bicycle Trailer

One of the first bicycle campers to enter series production, this bike RV is based upon the popular teardrop shape. Foldable legs provide easy stability. A detachable awning provides additional outdoor living space.

Even though many of these trailers might be hard to find in the U.S., or anywhere for that matter, their ingenious designs are sure to spark ideas for anyone who might want to build a lightweight camping solution that can be towed with their bicycles.




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