Tuesday, September 26, 2023



Tag: Bicycles

Cycling for RVers: What bike should I buy? Part 2, Mountain bikes

In last week’s Cycling For RVers column, I discussed road bikes, and how appropriate they are for most RVers (the short answer: not very)....

7 bicycle campers: Micro trailers that can be towed with a bike!

By Cheri Sicard Believe it or not, bicycle campers are a thing. And they are awesome! Whether you bike to your destination or drive to an...

Cycling for RVers: What bike should I buy? Part 1, Road bikes

There’s no doubt about it: RVing and cycling go together like milk and chocolate syrup. Many RVers see bicycles as another type of RV:...

‘The Diabetic Cyclist’: Introductions are in order!

When I was a kid, having a bike was everything. It meant freedom—freedom to travel, freedom to explore, freedom to see new things and...

Bicycle modification helps mobility-challenged couples

By Chuck Woodbury A reader sent me this photo. All is I know is what you see on the photo, including that the photo was...

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