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7 reasons to RV in Quartzsite and 3 reasons not to

By Cheri Sicard
Every winter scores of RVers flock to Quartzsite, Arizona. In the video below, Bob Wells from Cheap RV Living gives seven reasons why he thinks it is a good idea to go to Quartzsite in the winter, and he does recommend it. Ever the realist, he does balance out the advice with three reasons why a visit to the RV mecca that is Quartzsite might not be right for you, as well.

7 reasons to visit Quartzsite this winter

#1 Community — No matter what kind of RV you have, there is probably a community for you in Quartzsite. Nomads of all kinds flock there each winter and it is a good place to find your tribe.

#2 Get a job — For those who are still working while RVing, opportunities are available in Quartzsite for snowbirds and for jobs in other locations throughout the rest of the year. Watch the videos for details and how to apply.

#3 Great camping — There is free fantastic camping all over town, according to Bob, and he shares the options and how to find them.

#4 It’s set up for RVers and campers — Infrastructure is there: propane, dump stations, water, trash collection, showers, laundromats, free Wi-Fi, and more all over town.

#5 Super easy access to town — Getting into town is super close, quick, and easy. You can even camp within walking distance of downtown.

#6 Great location — The location is central to the Colorado River, Yuma, Arizona, and Algodones, Mexico, to the south. To the north, you have Parker, Arizona, about 45 miles away. Many RVing snowbirds alternate camping between Parker and Quartzsite. North of Parker you’ll also find great camping at Lake Havasu.

# 7 Fast food and cheap shopping — If you like fast food, a variety is available nearby as well as some Mom and Pop restaurants. There’s also interesting shopping at the vendor tents at the annual RV show.

3 reasons NOT to visit Quartzsite this winter

#1 Traffic and crowds — It can get crowded, especially close to the big tent, and traffic can get congested. Bob says once you get to know it, you can learn to get around this.

#2 Limited food and shopping — Shopping in the town of Quartzsite itself is extremely limited and expensive. The nearest reasonably priced shopping is in Blythe, about 30 miles away.

#3 Unpredictable desert weather — Cold, rainy, and/or windy weather can be commonplace in Quartzsite.

Will you be visiting Quartzsite this year? Have you visited in the past? Drop a comment below and let us know all about it. And do stop and say hello if you go.

*Disclaimer: This video does not necessarily indicate the views of Cheri Sicard or Please take all information with a grain of salt and do your own research. 



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Diane K
1 month ago

I have been to Quartzsite a few times but not this year. The times I have been there when I get home it’s like a major thing to clean all the dirt and dust. It covers everything and gets into places you wouldn’t think it could get in. Bob Wells RTR is very good to go to, especially if you are a newbie.

Doyle Maxwell
1 month ago

I don’t like crowds… but I enjoy Quartzite for about 3 or 4 days with family and friends.

1 month ago

I’m going this year. In fact I’m only 12 min away! Just started my full time traveling, n loving it!

Donald N Wright
1 month ago

i am not qualified to go to Quartzside. I do not have a beard.

Diane McGovern
1 month ago

Hey, Donald. Are you saying that the women that go to Quartzsite have beards, in addition to the men? 😆 Have a great day. 😀 –Diane at

Mr. T
1 month ago

Keep trying. Only men can do it.

Diane McGovern
1 month ago
Reply to  Mr. T

You hope. 😆 Have a good night, Mr. T. 😀 –Diane at

1 month ago

On the wish list as a one time venture. Not this year.

1 month ago

Yep! But we won’t be at the big show. We arrive around Feb. 1. Hoping for slightly smaller crowds and good weather, and to meet some new friends. Safe travels, everyone!

Tom E
1 month ago

I grew up in the desert SW. Hated every dry, sandy, gritty, sweaty, miserable day. Quartzsite would be pure Hell for me. I’ve been back only once to visit in the last 60 years. Hasn’t changed; just more crowded – and less water – and more fires. No thanks. At least here in the SE (AL, NC, SC, GA, FL) you can take a dip in one of the many springs with sandy shores or kayak the many rivers and lakes or stroll along a sandy ocean beach or go out ocean fishing on a boat and then there’s the fresh seafood – Mmmm – or take a hike in the green mountain trails or bike the many tree lined nature trails.

Nope. Nope. Nope. AZ would be pure Hell. To each, their own. Well at least there are no alligators, wild monkeys, or pythons in AZ – are there? But then again, they do have their side-winders and scorpions to compensate. So I listed several more reasons Not To Visit Quartzsite. Yep – now go enjoy Quartzsite. I for one won’t be there.

Joe Allen
1 month ago

Not this year, wintering in Florida! However, plan on attending again in ’24. Love the west and all it has to offer! We were out there last year and found it interesting and met lots of friends. Never did go to the big show that year! Weather was not bad either, just a little windy at times! Make the trip!

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