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Video: How to avoid burning food in your RV oven


Many RVers complain that their factory-installed ovens do not cook evenly. RV technician and well-known journalist Chris Dougherty has a quick tip about a simple way to help avoid hot spots in an RV’s oven that can cause what’s being cooked or baked to heat unevenly or even burn. This video was recorded when Chris served as the technical editor of RVtravel.com.

We welcome your comments about ways you have successfully dealt with uneven heating in your oven.

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Are all RV ovens created equal? Do you use yours?

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Bob Cross
1 year ago

We found a cast iron flat round pan the fits the bottom. Once heated, you can turn the temp down and shorten cook time. Does a great job on rolls!

Bob Weinfurt
1 year ago
Reply to  Bob Cross

Cast iron is great to cook with for so many reasons. It’s just heavy so watch out that it can’t slide and take out your ovens window.

1 year ago

When we bought our 2000 Sea View in 2002 it only came with a stove top and microwave/convection oven. First thing we did was have the stove top replaced by a stove and oven. I wanted an oven so if boondocking I could still bake. I have never had a problem with the oven burning – but it can take longer to bake things. Different story with the convection oven – it burns food every time. I was excited about having one since as a restaurant cook where I used them all the time but could never figure out how to get this one to cook things without burning. Will stick with my gas oven, stove top and microwave.

Seann Fox
1 year ago

I found that a layer of quality aluminum foil works just as well and is much lighter

Bob Weinfurt
1 year ago
Reply to  Seann Fox

Same here. For best results, don’t have it lie perfectly flat. I fold the edges up a little so it also works as a drip tray.

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