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Boondocking truck camper captures Bigfoot evidence on camera?

By Cheri Sicard
Hannah Straight, Pharm.D., of the Dr. Hannah Straight YouTube channel has a strange encounter while out boondocking in her popup truck camper. Here’s her bigfoot evidence story and sighting…

She was awakened from a sound sleep to the sounds of someone rummaging through her truck cab, and when she peeked through the window she saw a large hulking shape too big to be human.

The next morning one of her open storage bins was outside and she found her belongings disheveled and disorganized.

Rather than leaving the area, which is probably what I would have done, Hannah decided to try and capture something on camera the following night. She did say she had “multiple forms of protection.” And while she has a pop-up truck camper, she went to bed that night with the camper down, just in case she had to make a quick exit.

In order to gather her Bigfoot evidence, she had cameras set up in the windows on all sides of the camper and a light in the back she could trigger along with the camera if she heard someone or something out there.

For hours nothing happened. Then the light and camera picked up footage of a large upright creature running through the woods behind Hannah’s camper. She did not know what it was, but seeing it freaked her out enough to get out of there.

Take a look and see what you think.

What’s the weirdest thing you ever saw while out camping? Drop a comment below!



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Justan American (@guest_255739)
1 month ago

Doctor Hannah is a hottie.

Neal Davis (@guest_255636)
1 month ago

Thank you, Cheri! Strangest thing? Hmm, … got essentally nothing. Did once run a guy moochdocking in our site when we arrived after dark (and after campground office closed).

Donn (@guest_255176)
1 month ago

Interesting and thank you to RVing for having the info published. But, like horseshoes, interesting is simply not enough. I am, however, wondering where she was when this alleged sighting occurred.

Bob M (@guest_255033)
1 month ago

I remember one time on the news, but don’t remember where. They had a bear that could only walk around on two legs like a human. Don’t remember why. Town was heartbroken when it disappeared during hunting season.

Bill Braniff (@guest_255030)
1 month ago

BS publicity seeking. Nice shot of her behind though.

Sergeant2057 (@guest_255034)
1 month ago
Reply to  Bill Braniff

That’s exactly what I thought!!!

Terry (@guest_255028)
1 month ago

Total clickbait! Thanks for wasting my time! Maybe better screening in the future?

JAMES (@guest_255026)
1 month ago

Check what kind of mushrooms you’re consuming because some can cause you to see things.

George (@guest_255019)
2 months ago

Yeah I’m convinced people put clickbait on internet. Waste of my time except for nice looking lady wanting to sell mushroom coffee, whatever that is. I’ll stick with coffee bean coffee.

T. Hudson (@guest_255008)
2 months ago

Watched video twice, saw absolutely nothing!

Bill Byerly (@guest_255014)
2 months ago
Reply to  T. Hudson

I have to agree with that statement….

Cancelproof (@guest_254994)
2 months ago

Even though she provided the first diffintive evidence of BigFoot ever recorded, I did not subscribe to her channel, nor did I order the coffee. I’m sure glad she did not share what forest she was in so as not to scare any if us away that may camped in the same area right this very minute or draw crowds of BF chasers crashing the area enmasse. 🤪

Ray (@guest_254987)
2 months ago

I wonder if RVtravel fell? for this. I hope this does not become a trend. RVtravel should at least post a warning in their description that there is a commercial ahead.

Susan (@guest_254985)
2 months ago

Did the staff of RV Travel even watch the video? I didn’t see any evidence of Big Foot, but I did see a commercial for Mushroom Coffee. Come on, you can do better than this.

NonGrumpyVet (@guest_254979)
2 months ago

I really do not believe Bigfoot exist. Here’s why: every year there are literally millions of hunters (yeah, with guns) roaming all over the backcountry and yet not one of these hunters has ever (as far as reported anyway) shot and killed one.

Bob P (@guest_254972)
2 months ago

She’s very calm, cool, and collected to be a woman alone in the wilderness with an unknown creature in the cab of her truck. Very intelligent creature knowing how the mechanics of a truck door opens. All in all a good commercial for her coffe!

Tommy Molnar (@guest_254968)
2 months ago

I went over to YouTube to watch the video – and read the comments over there. Folks aren’t as skeptical as here. Hannah got 15K up thumbs on YouTube and tons of folks relating stories of similar experiences. So, while I don’t have a ‘Bigfoot’ experience of my own, too many people DO to just dismiss this stuff offhand. I’ve personally not seen Niagara Falls but I believe it’s there. 😉

Last edited 2 months ago by Tommy Molnar
Bob Walter (@guest_254967)
2 months ago

Why do you post such crap? I’m losing my confidence in this website. @@

Terry (@guest_254961)
2 months ago

Waste of time. I got tired of her talking and never got to any pictures of bigfoot.

TODD FLEETWOOD (@guest_254958)
2 months ago

Well that was a huge waste of time. I am disappointed this is even being shown here. At best this is an advertisement for coffee. I expect more from rv travel.

Primo Rudy's Roadhouse (@guest_254956)
2 months ago

I expected a lot more from RV Travel than this. I guess the Woodburys are getting desperate for content

Chuck Woodbury
2 months ago

Primo Rudy — we have nearly 19,000 articles on this website. We let our writers pretty much write what they want. We realize that our readers and writers have varied interests, so if a Bigfoot story shows up in our “pending” file, we post it. Okay, so it’s not your thing, but there are close to another 100,000 readers out there, some of whom might like it. We’re not hard up for stories, far from it. You’ve been a reader for a long time. I am surprised at your comment. — Chuck

Fred (@guest_262506)
4 days ago
Reply to  Chuck Woodbury

Come on Chuck. The least your staff can do is watch a submitted video & clearly see there is nothing there. The woman’s approach & attitude early on in this video just screams “con job”. This video is so clearly a click bait con job & your staff got snookered. I’ve read virtually everything you’ve published for the last 20+ years & your site is the best rving publication out there, but this was disappointing.

Mel (@guest_254955)
2 months ago

Yup it’s click bait

Last edited 2 months ago by Mel

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