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Cargo trailer RV conversion: From ugly duckling to swan

In the video below, Catherine Gregory gives us a tour of a cargo trailer RV conversion that she built for her sister. The stealth trailer is just 6’ by 10’ but it packs a lot of features into its tiny interior.

As Catherine’s sister is a cancer survivor with mobility issues, she had to keep that in mind while designing this very special cargo trailer RV conversion. She wanted a small rig that she could pull up to a campsite with a super easy setup.

Like a number of other DIY builds we have featured, Catherine had no prior experience and learned almost everything she needed from the University of YouTube!

It’s amazing to see the tour from an empty cargo trailer into a beautiful camper. Other than cutting out the window and a little help putting up the ceiling panels, Catherine did the entire job by herself. The end result is a cozy and comfortable little space.

This is not a complicated or elaborate build. Catherine calls it a “tent on wheels.” But it is far more comfortable, stylish, and durable than a tent.

Plans changed along the way. Catherine had originally planned to install an Ikea outdoor kitchen inside the trailer. That didn’t work because it was slightly too big which interfered with the bed fitting in. Instead, she utilized a table they had on hand to fashion a countertop where a portable induction cooktop sits. The sink was not yet in during the tour but she has a plan to add a small bar sink. A battery-operated pump and a fresh water jug provide water, while another jug collects gray water.

She curtained off the table’s perimeter in order to provide storage underneath. That’s where the porta potty gets stashed along with an Anker power station and a large storage bin.

Baskets attached to the walls provide both storage and a homey style. An interior extension cord has both regular and USB plugs that get power from the power station under the table. For food storage, she plans to carry an Anker EverFrost powered cooler.

On the opposite side, you’ll find lots more storage under the bed. A small square ottoman provides additional seating and even more storage.

Catherine used a lot of inexpensive and lightweight materials for the build. Especially practical is the faux wood puzzle piece foam floor. If any part ever gets damaged, just pop out a single tile and replace it!

This video was made before they installed lighting, but this, too, is simple as all lights will be battery-operated.

For someone with no experience, Catherine did a heck of a job. Despite doubting herself and having a few meltdowns along the way, she maintains that if she could do it, anyone can do it. I am not so sure about that—she might be underselling herself a tad. But take a look at the video and see for yourself.



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Larry Lee
10 days ago

It appears the trailer is high in the front when hitched. You could get a drop down ball hitch to correct that and eliminate the stress being placed on the rear axle. Beautiful job on the interior! Hoping for many camping years ahead for your sister.

Stephen M
11 days ago

Nice job. And congrats to your sister. May she remain healthy and strong and enjoy her travels. Happy trails-er.

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