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Video: You won’t believe this outrageous custom Airstream motorhome!

By Cheri Sicard
What would happen if you married an Airstream trailer with an A-model Kenworth truck?  You would get an Airstream motorhome like no other!

I found the video below fascinating for 2 reasons:

  • I have LOVED Airstreams and Airstream motorhomes since early childhood.
  • I am fascinated by creative projects that transcend their genres—projects that are brought to reality by people who build their dream. Against all odds. No matter how outrageous or wacky that dream might be.

Charlie Nichols’ Airstream Motorhome qualifies on both counts.

An Airstream motorhome ready for the long haul

If the zombie apocalypse ever comes, Charlie is the type of guy I want on my side. It seems like he can fix anything, build anything, MacGyver-up solutions when needed, and plan for the long haul. I’ll caravan with Charlie, thank you very much.

Before retiring, Charlie was a professional truck driver, which accounts for the first part of his Frankenmotorhome, an A-model Kenworth truck he did LOTS of customization on.  After finding an Airstream trailer at an estate sale, he thought, “I can make this work.”

It took a mix of parts from a bunch of different vehicles, but make it work he did! While his unique Airstream motorhome would not fit my personal RV lifestyle, I am nonetheless in awe of Charlie’s mad skills.

Do you own an Airstream or are you just an Airstream-lover? This is so cute, you’ll love it!

Charlie built this enormous custom Airstream motorhome himself. Even more impressive are the truly awesome innovative and practical features Charlie built into his creation, including:

  • A booted pass-through area from truck to living area, which has the added benefit of keeping the 110-foot rig licensed as an RV and not a commercial truck.
  • More than ample inside and outside storage, including enough space to haul his 16-foot pontoon boat and outboard motor.
  • More than 80-gallon propane capacity to last all winter long.
  • A built-in 33-inch toolbox that hauls about 400 lbs. of tools.
  • 1000 horsepower under the hood.
  • And much more!

Check out Charlie’s amazing Custom Airstream Motorhome in the video below.



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1 year ago

Why not just use the whole rig and build out the trailer? Most of the advantages seem to be related to the truck, not the Airstream. Have to say I don’t really “get” this one.

L Beal
1 year ago

Great idea, and beautiful. My pet peeve would be not having a dedicated door from the outside in. I wouldn’t like to carry groceries around the driving area since it’s not like the class A’s where the passenger seat is behind the entryway steps.

1 year ago
Reply to  L Beal

It appears that the regular Airstream door is still used as he talked about the steps to get in, as they walked around the rig.

Bob p
1 year ago

I’m wondering where he’s going to drive it since the legal length limit is 70’.

1 year ago

I only wish they had shown the inside of that wonderful Custom Airstream Motorhome! I bet he has even modified it a bit. 🧡🔨🪚🪛

1 year ago

WOW! That Truck RV is incredible. What a talented man.

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