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How to cut a memory foam mattress to fit your camper van or RV

By Cheri Sicard
Have you ever wondered how to cut a memory foam mattress to fit in your camper van or RV? Is it even possible for mere mortals to custom-fit an RV mattress? And if it is, just how difficult and large a project is it?

All of that and more is answered in this short video DIY demo on how to cut a memory foam mattress. But the short answer: It’s not difficult or very time-consuming at all.

RV mattresses can be of odd sizes. Not only are they usually somewhat smaller than those in bricks-and-sticks homes, but they sometimes have to fit into odd places.

This means you might need the mattress to go around a cabinet, or leave space so a door can open and close, or some other type of structural customization.

Besides their unusual sizes and shapes, RV mattresses can be prohibitively expensive.  Especially custom-made ones. And the more customizing needed, the more expensive they get.

Sure, RV’s come outfitted with mattresses from the factory. But if you have ever had to sleep on one of those cheap, flimsy “mattresses,” and I use that term loosely, you already know that is not going to cut it, either.

What to do?

Watch the video below from Joni of The Galavan. After doing so you’ll see that cutting a memory foam mattress to a custom size and shape is nothing to fear.

OK, I know some of you are asking, but what if I have one of those fancy memory foam mattresses with the zippered cover and inner lining fabric?

No problem.

Joni demonstrates on just such a mattress so you can see what to do. If your mattress does not have these extras, you can go directly to cutting the foam.

Joni demonstrates with a regular serrated knife. And this definitely works.

However, if you have an electric knife, the same kind you use for turkeys or roast beef, the job gets even easier.

Electric knives are not too expensive even if you buy them new. But you can usually pick one up at most thrift stores for just a couple of bucks and save even more.

Or use a regular handheld serrated knife as Joni does in the video—your choice.

Sweet, comfortable dreams!



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Diane Mc
1 year ago

Many companies now make RV sized foam mattresses at reasonable prices.

Tom H.
1 year ago

The only thing we saved from our sticks/bricks was our king size mattress. When we got our 5er we unzipped the mattress cover and cut the mattress to size with a machete. Worked perfectly! Best mattress ever!!

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