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How to get the best deal on an RV – 10 things to NEVER say when negotiating

By Cheri Sicard
Thinking of buying a new or new-to-you RV? Regardless if you plan to buy new or used, from a dealer or from a private party, the 10 tips in this video can help you get the best deal on an RV.

Dr. David Madow aka “The RV Dummy” says there are 10 things you should never ever say to anyone who is trying to sell you an RV.

Perhaps if you are already a master negotiator you don’t need this video. I, for one, am a terrible negotiator, so the tips came in handy and gave me some things to think about.

Dave advises to always speak and deal in a manner that retains your power in the negotiation. This includes the importance of a poker face. In the video below he also covers 10 remarks to avoid making that might give away that power.

He continues down the road of not showing your intentions or giving away information until the proper moment. You want to hold your cards close to the chest until you have a deal you are comfortable with.

Likewise, don’t bring your trade-in to a negotiation. In fact, do not even bring up a trade-in until the deal is made. Dave says this advice works for cars too.

The same goes for talking about your credit too early. Conversely, Dave also says there is no advantage to immediately announcing you intend to pay cash.

All of these details can be powerful in your RV negotiations, but only if you use them properly and at the right time.

Finally, Dave ends the discussion of how to get the best deal on an RV with the importance of the questions you ask. And the importance of not asking dumb questions.

The list is good. It can help, especially if you tend to be a chatty type of person. And the tips also work when buying a car, so if you are buying an RV that will also need a vehicle to tow it with, keep that in mind.



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John Macatee
8 months ago

Good article!
I decided to purchase used.
I did the research, looked long and hard, compared new and old. When my Artic Fox popped up on Craigslist, I knew the price was good, went to inspect and it was the one! I said after my inspection , I love it! I negotiated to include the Curt weight distribution and sway bar system, & hitch, and sewer hoses.
Not one issue going on year 3!

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