Monday, December 4, 2023


DIY RV window insulation WITHOUT ugly foil showing

By Cheri Sicard
One of our favorite YouTube RV channels, RV with Tito DIY, is here to show you how to install RV window insulation that does NOT involve that ugly foil a lot of folks use. Host Brian shows you how to do the full DIY RV window insulation build from start to finish.

Brian’s goal with this project was to replace his whole valance setup with a slim, functional, low-profile, and good-looking window covering. Yes, he still uses ugly Reflectix foil for its insulating property, but he hides it inside of his window coverings. True, it will no longer reflect, but it still provides a lot of insulation. Genius!

Watch the video for the full demonstration of removing the old outdated RV window treatment and replacing it with something far more functional and stylish. And best of all, no sewing at all is involved in this DIY RV window covering project.

These insulating window covers will also block out all light. That’s right—blackout RV window coverings that also insulate!

Brian used a blackout curtain he bought at Walmart for the fabric for his window covering. Also genius! He uses elements already in place (remember, I said no sewing for this project). It will also give him enough fabric to cover several windows.

While Brian provides some introductory dialogue, most of the video is talk-free so you can just follow along. Likewise, even non-English speakers will get value from the video.

The video concludes with how to mount the window coverings to your RV. Brian uses a French cleat so that its shade is easy to remove if you want and rehang when you need.

This project leaves you with an insulated RV window covering that looks great from the inside and outside. By using magnets, as Brian suggests, you can easily open the covering halfway or all the way, kind of like a Roman shade but without all the cording.

Check it out. This truly is a well-thought-out and brilliantly designed DIY RV project. I have a perfect window for this, so I might just have to give it a go!




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George Johnson (@guest_221181)
10 months ago

Maybe in a more moderate environment…. from what *I* have seen, this might look better, but wouldn’t do much for heat abatement in our area (mid to north AL). Our windows allow so much heat in, it’s crazy. Even with the refletix on the inside. You can feel the heat coming up the top if that refletic isnt secure againt the window. I can open the drawer to the dresser in the bedroom, and you can feel it, it’s like 100° in there. (and that’s no window, supposedly well insulated new RV).
It’s a good idea though. I sew (among many other things), but I like the no sewing thing. Kudos for that.

Tommy Molnar (@guest_221062)
10 months ago

Too much work. And, I like the valences we have.

Bob p (@guest_221025)
10 months ago

I don’t want to live inside a cave, covering the windows where I have to use inside lighting is not my way of enjoying my RV.

John (@guest_220987)
10 months ago

Still trying to insulate from the inside. To stop the heat from getting through the window one must insulate from the outside. From the inside, you are allowing the sun to heat the window. It is too hot to touch from the inside, that heat is inside your RV. While unsightly, the foil on the outside is much better insulation than insulation on the inside. That inside insulation will be very warm to the touch while the window with the insulation on the outside is cool to the touch. Much better way to stay cooler..

Cat (@guest_221143)
10 months ago
Reply to  John

So how to insulate from the outside?

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