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5 nifty gadgets that make RV life easier

Who doesn’t love a great gadget? And a gadget that helps you RV is even better! During the past holiday season, I made a short wish list of things that I thought might be useful as we RV. I happily received a few of the items on my list. I plan to purchase the others in the days ahead. See what you think and then offer your own suggestions for nifty RV products in the comments that follow this article.

Toothbrush and accessories holder

Our RV’s bathroom sink vanity has very little counter or drawer space. That’s why I like this wall-attached toothbrush holder. Besides toothbrushes and toothpaste, the holder will corral combs, razors, tweezers, and nail clippers. It securely adheres to the wall with adhesive strips, so no drilling or screws are needed.

Fridge Fresh Air Filter

Am I the last RVer to discover this product? This air filter fits via a suction cup to the side wall of your RV refrigerator. It frees up valuable space on fridge shelves and contains 100% baking soda without the hassle of potentially spilled soda. Forget the half-opened box of baking soda. This is so much better! Bonus: These filters will also work to keep your RV basement or tow vehicle fresh!

Wrinkle releaser

Our RV clothes dryer is small. Clothes tend to come out wrinkled. Until now! Downy makes a spray that virtually removes wrinkles, so no more ironing while RVing! (Nice. Am I right, full-timers?) You just spray it on your article of clothing, give a gentle shake or hand smooth, and within a minute or two the wrinkles disappear. Bonus: This wrinkle releaser also reduces static cling and leaves clothes with a light clean scent.

Editor’s note: This stuff really works!

Crockpot pockets

We’ve used our Crockpot for years when RVing. Now it’s possible to cook two different recipes at the same time in the same Crockpot! While the product was designed to fit in the six-quart slow cooker, its flexible silicone will also work in the seven- and eight-quart cookers, as well. With Crockpot pockets, I now pack just one slow cooker because an entire meal can be prepared in a single pot.

Vacuum storage bags

I’ve used similar vacuum bags in the past to store off-season clothing in the under-bed storage area. Now, with the vacuum bags’ attached hanger, I can save a lot of space inside our RV closet, too! We always pack along jackets, even in the summer. (You never know when it may rain or turn cool.) Most of the time we do not use the jackets. They just take up valuable space. But no more! The clothes compression bags are waterproof and airtight, so no excess humidity or pesky critters (like moths) can get inside.

Have you discovered a gadget that makes RVing easier or better? Please share in the comments below.



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Heidi O'Dell
1 month ago

Can’t wait to try the wrinkle release. Best thing ever we use is our bidet, you can find them on amazon! It’s very important to use enough water in an RV. Love the fresh clean feeling! We also love our instapot, dinners in no time, and I even can in it!

Pat Brown
1 month ago

I’ve been using Wrinkle Release for probably 20 years. Haven’t used an iron in that same amount of time.

Bill Forbes
1 month ago

Our vacuum bags always leak – after a day or two they are back to being fluffy. Does anyone have an idea what we are doing wrong?

1 month ago
Reply to  Bill Forbes

We have the same issue with the Amazon “Basic” vacuum bags. We found that we either stuffed them with too many articles of clothing or something poked tiny holes in them . Could be an inferior brand 🤷‍♀️?

Beth Holt
1 month ago

Regarding the Downey Wrinkle Release. I used it for a while but found that it left a film on my cotton clothes and the spray nozzle clogged. But Dollar General stores sell a wrinkle release that leaves no yuck and costs several dollars less than the Downey brand. And Dollar General stores are everywhere… Especially here in Tennessee.

1 month ago

Flashlight that has magnetic bottom. No need to hold or have someone else hold it while on task.

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