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EPIC DIY slide-out camp kitchen for camper vans


By Cheri Sicard
Anyone considering a DIY camper van build should definitely watch this video first. In it, DualEx shows how he made an incredible DIY slide-out camp kitchen at the back of his van. If you like this stylish and functional RV build, he even offers the plans for free (or donation).

The builder enlisted the help of his sister, who makes wood furniture with epoxy. Together they crafted a gorgeous natural wood countertop fortified with the strength and durability of epoxy. The finished counter adds some natural elegance and style to an extremely functional outdoor kitchen.

This video is not so much a tutorial as an overview of what went into this build. Couple it with the building plans, however, and you have a tutorial. Obviously, some basic woodworking skills and tools are required.

You’ll get to watch the creator create. Likewise, you’ll know just how much work and skill is involved in the project before beginning.

Somehow when you watch the steps individually, none of it seems that difficult or inaccessible to those with basic skills and tools, with the possible exception of the epoxy counter.

To be sure, the counter is a beautiful focal point, truly a work of art, but you could easily make this build with a less elaborate and artistic countertop, should you choose.

You’ll watch wood being cut to size and hardware installation, the sink and electrical placement and connections, and more.

There’s an electrical connection powering a two-burner stove that can alternately run on propane.

Our host was dreading putting in the plumbing section of the kitchen, but the video even makes this seem accessible to the average RV DIYer. Not that he did not encounter issues.

The first time he connected the pump, major leaks exposed themselves. It was a bad connection and easily repaired. But I love that they show the downs as well as the ups of the DIY build because there are almost always some challenges to be overcome in any worthwhile project.

A five-gallon drinking water bottle provides the liquid to the flush sink and the faucet folds down so a sink top board can provide additional counter space when the sink is not in use. He even sewed canvas pockets that hang on the back of the cabinets to store plates and utensils.

Adding even more functionality, a removable hose quickly makes an outdoor shower! A large water bottle provides for portable gray water collection.

He encountered another issue because the slide-out with the stove was semi-obstructed by the van doors. Oops. Last minute modifications resolved the issue, albeit at the expense of a little bit of counter space.

After the full DIY slide-out camp kitchen was assembled, it was time to fit it into the van.

It looks beautiful and is simple to use—just pull the entire kitchen out like a giant drawer.  When pushed in, it neatly fits under the camper van’s bed platform.

Check out this innovative DIY camp kitchen slide-out build below.


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11 days ago

Beautiful countertop/art piece! I was so impressed with the carpentry and craftsmanship! Thanks for the video! You and your sister make a great team!


17 days ago

Thank you so much. We are just starting a kitchen slide out for our 1963 VW bus. I will be visiting your sisters channel as well. We have access to a lot of beautiful wood and I had not thought of making an epoxy table or counter top . We are having a hard time finding birch plywood our rural area so that is our problem right now Again thank you for taking the time to create this video and for sharing your mistake because my husbands comment was “let me go look at that clearance again”

17 days ago
Reply to  Sherry

Sherry, good luck, have fun. Our most memorable camping was in our 1963 VW Westfalia, first, camper van. Just your mention of it brought back many fond memories.