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Evidence of Sasquatch? 8 years of Alaska Bigfoot video clips


By Cheri Sicard
Keithie6, a metal detectorist who has been living in and exploring Alaska for the last 22 years, has put together a short but fascinating compilation of Alaska Bigfoot video clips he has personally experienced and filmed over an 8-year period.

Whether you are a Bigfoot believer or not, there are some compelling things presented from a low-key source who seems to just be sharing his personal experiences that happened to him while he was out pursuing his metal-detecting vocation.

Some of the footage has been used by various producers and shows in their documentaries over the years.

So what’s included in the Alaska Bigfoot video clips?

  • Clip 1 — The video starts with some HUGE footprints in the sand measuring over 18-inches long. This clip was used in a couple of different Alaska Bigfoot shows. See what you think.
  • Clip 2 — While biking in the woods with his grandson Joe, Keithie filmed what looks like an extremely distinct and clear Bigfoot footprint, complete with toes.
  • Clip 3 — Keithie and a friend were out riding motorcycles around the Fairbanks area when his friend spotted something strange in the woods that resembled a large beaver dam but on land. Keithie claims it is a Bigfoot hut. Who knows?
  • Clip 4 — While metal detecting near Fairbanks, Keithie claims Bigfoot screamed at him and he caught it on tape in this clip. Not only are there very freaky sounds coming from the trees, something was throwing things at Keithie. He says it scared the crap out of him and he got out of there in a hurry.

What do you think?

Did this metal-detecting explorer have some encounters with a Sasquatch? Have you ever had an Alaska Bigfoot encounter? Or a Bigfoot encounter anywhere for that matter?

Drop your experiences in the comments below.


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20 days ago

As usual, nothing convincing there. I won’t say Bigfoot couldn’t exist somewhere but I’ve never seen convincing evidence. Usually what one sees on TV is shown to be contrived.

Bob M
20 days ago

If there are such things as big foot, it’s surprising we don’t see pictures of them with all the trail cameras hunters are using.

20 days ago
Reply to  Bob M

Especially if they are building huts right near a highway!!!!! And if you thought it was, wouldn’t you go back with a scientific team to gather hair and DNA samples???

Bob p
20 days ago

Interesting, also interesting that a camera operator just happened to be there as he was walking through the woods. Can’t help myself, I sit watching wildlife videos and am always amazed at how scenes are filmed by the author as they claim it’s original footage that they just happened to accidentally stumble on but it’s obvious someone else has to be operating the camera.

Dan Kruger
20 days ago
Reply to  Bob p

The hut that was Big Foot…..really…..why did we not see a video of the kids going back to see if it was real…..throw some rocks at it at best to see if something moves….heard theses stories since I was a kid in the sixties in Oregon and still NO clear pictures….

David V
20 days ago
Reply to  Bob p

Shaq was the camera operator and, footprint maker….

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