Thursday, June 1, 2023


How are fiberglass trailers made?

By Cheri Sicard
Have you ever wondered how fiberglass trailers are made? Wonder no more.

Full disclaimer, the video below was produced by the Escape Trailer Company in order to sell you on their trailers and 5th wheels.

Nonetheless, it provides a fascinating behind-the-scenes look at how the bodies of fiberglass RVs are produced.

Each fiberglass RV is made in a special mold. Not surprisingly, the molds are expensive to make. This is one reason why you don’t see a lot of changes in the year-to-year models of most fiberglass RVs. Once a mold is designed, the company tends to keep that design.

In the video, we get to watch the unmolding of one of Escape’s small molded fiberglass fifth wheels.

The bottom part of the molded fiberglass body is then attached to the RV’s chassis. The top part is then put in place and attached so that you are left with a relatively lightweight, watertight RV body. Genius!

These fiberglass bodies have a lot to offer RVers.

Much of the ongoing maintenance in conventional RVs comes with keeping them watertight and many of the expensive repairs associated with conventional RVs surround the issue of water damage. Those problems don’t exist with molded fiberglass trailers.

Not only that, these trailers can be polished over and over and look as good as new years, or even decades, later. They hold their resale value exceptionally well, too.

Check out the video and see how it’s all accomplished!



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Thomas D
1 month ago

I ‘m dissapointed that we didn’t see laying down the fiberglass and resin. We only daw the end results, but non the less impressed.

Cheri Sicard
1 month ago
Reply to  Thomas D

I would like to see that too. I will look and if I can find another video showing that.

Bob M
1 month ago

informative video

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