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Hiking Angel’s Landing in Zion National Park aka ‘America’s Deadliest Hike’

By Cheri Sicard
Randy from America’s Parks had done a previous video two years prior to this one that proved wildly popular. He nonetheless felt he needed to do a new video after recently completing another hike up Angel’s Landing in Zion National Park, Utah, for two reasons. One, he was never happy with the original, even though it has earned more than a half-million views. And two, there were thousands of comments on the original video, many filled with questions, diverse opinions, and misconceptions.

Randy wanted to set the record straight.

And for those who can’t actually do this hike, we can live vicariously as Randy takes us along on the most difficult, yet jaw-droppingly beautiful, parts of it. In this portion, known as the chain section, hikers rely on chains to help them up (and down) the steep, narrow incline. A large part of the video is devoted to this natural wonder eye candy.

An at-times hair-raising hike, adventurous hikers will no doubt want to add this one to their bucket lists. And Randy’s practical experience can help set you up for success with the actual facts about this often misunderstood and misrepresented hike.

In the video, he also answers the most popular questions he has received including how long is the Angel’s Landing hike, how long did it take to do, and the elevation gain.

Is hiking to Angel’s Landing dangerous?

People also often ask if hiking to Angel’s Landing is scary or dangerous. Randy says it can be scary, but there are chains to hang onto in every place where you would want to.

As to danger, he admits that of course it is dangerous. You are, at times, hiking on a very narrow ledge at 1500 feet elevation.

Fourteen people have fallen to their deaths on this hike since 2000. However, it’s interesting to note that most have not fallen on the most difficult chain section of the hike.

Randy says the dangers can usually be blamed on mistakes and carelessness. The reputation of Angel’s Landing as America’s deadliest hike is also undeserved as the statistical chances of falling at Angel’s Landing are 0.0001%, making it technically less dangerous than many other famous national park hikes.

He puts the risk/reward factor into perspective, along with how to evaluate if this hike is right for you.

Lastly, Randy offers some common sense tips.

Check out this beautiful and informative video below.



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25 days ago

My husband and I have been up to Scout’s Landing but not much farther because of the crowds and how tedious it is with 2-way traffic in narrow spots. I think we could handle the height issue OK. There are many more miles of beautiful trails in Zion NP with gorgeous views and fewer people.This video is a good way to enjoy the upper part of Angel’s Landing Trail vicariously.

26 days ago

Husband has done hike 4 times. Me 3. We called it our rite to retirement hike. One of our top 10. You called it, have to hike with common sense and good boots.

Thomas D
27 days ago

In my younger days, no problem
Now it’s harder to go down, knees don’t work the same way as up . My days of those hikes are over
Great video, thanks

27 days ago

impressive but terrifying…not for me.

27 days ago
Reply to  Scott

I will second that emotion!

27 days ago

OMG….not for me! I am pretty good with heights…but not good enough to feel that safe on that particular hike. Beautiful scenery though!!

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