Video: How Main Street fought early mail order catalogs



By Chuck Woodbury
Here’s a bit of historical trivia about how Sears and Montgomery Ward catalogs challenged Main Street and what Main Street did to try to fight them off. You’ll be surprised. And why did preachers preach against the”wish books?”

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Charles Germeyer
Charles Germeyer


Get your glasses frame adjusted and fitted. It is distracting to watch them slide down your nose during the video.

I can feel you pain. I had the same problem for years. A little adjusting solved the problem.

Tommy Molnar
Tommy Molnar

Obviously history repeating itself. But even today, if I want something and need to actually feel and touch it before I buy it, I’ll hit a ‘brick and mortar’ store. And then I’ll buy it from them. I do not like the people who go to Best Buy to see something, then go home and order on-line. That’s just plain unfair to the stores who have to maintain a physical presence.