Tuesday, November 30, 2021


Video: How to attach a Blue Ox Ascent tow bar

Andy Pargh
This is Part 2 of a two-part interview I did with Jeff Jubin, the Dealer Development Manager of Blue Ox, and features the factory recommended technique for attaching a Blue Ox Ascent tow bar behind a motorhome.

The reason I contacted Blue Ox to produce this interview was that I was seeing conflicting information online and wanted to ask questions directly to the factory. No payment, free product or any consideration whatsoever was provided for this 20-minute interview.

Here’s the rundown. Times are approximate:
•0:00 – Introduction

•1:00 – Differences Between Blue Ox Alpha and Ascent Tow Bars

•2:00 – Binding Issues

•3:00 – Connecting The Ascent Tow Bar and Explanation of Components

•4:00 – Should You Use A Locking Pin?

•5:30 – Should You Remove The Tow Bar From Motorhome When Not In Use

•6:00 – Blue Ox Ascent Attachment To A Jeep – Tips and Tricks

•7:45 – Should You Wrap The Cables Around The Tow Bar?

•8:15 – Correct and Safe Method to Attach Cables?

•10:00 – Tow Car Braking Systems

•13:00 – Base Plates

•15:10 – Locking The Tow Bar Legs

•16:30 – Is It Safe To Pull The Car With The Motorhome To Lock The Legs?

•17:15 – Pricing

•18:15 – Dinghy Towing Guides

•19:00- Finding The Correct Baseplate For Your Vehicle

•19:20 – Future of Flat Towing.

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