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Incredible stylish DIY RV shower rebuild

By Cheri Sicard
When it comes to building and remodeling RVs, trucks, and vans, Dualex is quickly becoming one of my favorite vloggers because of his beautiful and practical designs. A talented craftsman, his finished projects never fail to WOW, and this DIY RV shower rebuild is no exception.

The video begins with a quick tour of the bathroom BEFORE Dualex works his magic. It’s nice enough, an ordinary modular corner shower stall with door and white faux tile and an ordinary RV showerhead.

The first step in this project is deconstructing the current shower. He began by removing the Plexiglas shower doors and front walls, then the actual stall itself, although he kept the original floor pan and drain. This is all demonstrated in the video in fast-motion time-lapse, so don’t expect a step-by-step tutorial, but rather an overview of just what a project like this entails.

Not only did this renovation make the RV’s bathroom more stylish, but it also made it more functional.

The previous shower had been allowing moisture to get in behind the shower stall. This was addressed and remedied in the new DIY RV shower rebuild. He rebuilt the walls, built a cedar column to contain and house the plumbing components, and covered everything in floor-to-ceiling corrugated metal. Collectively this will prevent mold from growing between the walls, which was an issue in the original shower.

He also upgraded the shower faucet and showerhead. The open-fronted shower space is walled with cedar, chosen for its strength and water resistance. It all gets coated in a shiny coat of polyurethane.

Once he was done it looked great, except that the white plastic bottom of the shower floor from the original shower did not look quite as good as everything else. Dualex remedied this by making an open-slat epoxy-coated wood floor that matched the rest of the contemporary design. The result looked amazing and, best of all, it can be easily removed for cleaning.

All that was left to do was install the curtain rod and shower curtain and the DIY RV shower was good to go!



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1 month ago

My only comment was the finish work in the video running up the shower finishes flat with the ceiling trim.

1 month ago

Skills!!! But it also shows how it can be done with time and patience and limited skills. A big factor: having the right tools.

Cheri Sicard
1 month ago
Reply to  Les

No doubt, this guy has serious skills. But in addition, his designs are always innovative and practical. I am a big fan.

Mikey and Barbi
1 month ago

We deleted the rear slideout and remodeled the bedroom in our “Log Cabin RV”
You tube video here…


1 month ago

My Daddy is a retired Master Carpenter, and the work Dualex is doing is really great. I have subscribed to his YouTube channel. Thanks for the great article.

1 month ago
Reply to  Cindy

Agreed. That young man is an artist with carpentry and finish work. I enjoyed this alot.

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