Tuesday, November 28, 2023


What we can learn from RV accidents. Don’t make these mistakes!

By Cheri Sicard
RV accidents are without a doubt one of if not the biggest tragedies of RV life. But if we can learn something from them, then at least something of value for someone can come out of the experience. That’s what the team from Outdoor Miles set out to do in the video below. In it, they look at several RV accidents and analyze how they could have been prevented (when possible), and what the best way of handling the situation would have been.

The video logically breaks the topic down into different categories and examines how each affects RV accidents.


The first topic covered is the weather, and while you may not be able to control the weather, you can choose whether or not to drive in it. At least most of the time. Wind, rain, and snow can all make RVing far more dangerous.

Watch the video to see some RV accidents that were caused by inclement weather, along with how the drivers might have avoided them.

Sway and RV accidents

Out-of-control sway is another common cause of RV accidents. The video shows several RVs in this situation and why the uncontrollable sway happened in each instance.  Understanding the cause of this common towing road hazard can help ensure you steer clear of it.


Many of the accidents in the video could have been avoided entirely had the driver not been going quite so fast. A discussion of RV speed as it relates to accident safety follows.

Watch your RV’s height

People miscalculating their RV’s height has led to many expensive RV disasters. Watch the video and don’t make these mistakes.



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Neal Davis (@guest_257317)
1 month ago

Thank you, Cheri! Nice discussion of the various disasters.

Kim E (@guest_257270)
1 month ago

One thing I didn’t see was the importance of a really good anti-sway hitch. You can’t put a price on your family’s safety.

Bill Byerly (@guest_257152)
1 month ago

Just slow down, and pay attention to all of your surroundings….

Bob P (@guest_257137)
1 month ago

Just reinforces the saying “You Can’t Fix Stupid”!

Tommy Molnar (@guest_257131)
1 month ago

Sometimes there’s just no way to know what the road is like ahead of you. If it turns to pure ice, there may be no way to get off the road. Then just depend on your wits and don’t make any quick movements. Eventually the road gets better, or you finally find a way to get off the road and wait it out. Nothing beats paying strict attention to what’s out front of you.

Barnjai (@guest_257114)
1 month ago

We watched this and then sent it on to our RVing friends. Good information! I wish this video was required for all RVers. The wrecks are horrifying and it looked like most of them were preventable.

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