Monday, September 25, 2023


Video: Absolutely mind-blowing road technologies that keep roads safe

As an RV traveler you see a lot of roads, but you probably never thought about the different ways they are made. This short video demonstrates several techniques like a machine that lays bricks in a herringbone pattern, a road that charges your electric car while driving, and a few other technologies that allow us to travel more safely and to more places.

Do you love potholes? Of course you don’t! This video shows a couple of new methods to fill them in as quickly as they appear.

Years ago, while living in Alaska, I saw my first asphalt recycling machine. It would scrape up the damaged road and lay it back down just like new. They could do a few miles a day this way, which is important when there really is only one main highway. In the winter, studded tires leave major grooves on the highway, which makes it unsafe. The video shows a couple of new asphalt-laying methods as well.



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