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These are things new RVers DON’T need to worry about

By Cheri Sicard
Becoming a new RVer can seem daunting and stressful. I get it. As a lifelong RVer, I still get a little stressed out when going back on the road after sitting in one place for a while. But new RVers can relax a little after watching the video below from the team at Keep Your Daydream.

As a side note, KYD was voted one of our readers’ favorite RV YouTube channels, and when you watch the practical, positive advice in the video below, it’s easy to see why.

Really, when we analyze these fears and anxieties it comes down to a fear of the unknown. What might we encounter? What potential disasters might we have to deal with? What items might we need that we forgot to pack?

While there are plenty of things new (and even experienced) RVers do need to be concerned about, there are many things you don’t. The team wanted to take some of that stress away from new RVers who might be hitting the road for the first time.

In the video, they impart some excellent practical advice for all RVers, but especially newbies. I think that’s because after you RV for a while you come to their conclusions naturally. So get a head start on your RV experience and listen to what these full-timers have to say.

What do new RVers NOT need to worry about?

#1 Buying everything

I have certainly made this mistake and have items it turned out I did not need.

Don’t feel like you have to buy EVERY RV accessory, tool, gadget, etc., before you leave on your first trip. Ease your way into it and you will be rewarded with accessories you actually need and use without taking up space with ones you don’t.

The couple has some of the wisest advice I have heard on this: “Have the need before you buy.” Simple but brilliant.

Be sure to watch the video as they also give some useful tips for getting items you need while on the road, whether by going to stores or getting them shipped. You can even order ahead for pickup at stores like Walmart or Target. Pick up what you need without ever going into the store.

#2 Needing to have a reservation for every single night

I love this couple’s strategy when it comes to camping reservations as it just makes practical sense. In this segment we are not talking about short trips of a week or less, we are talking about planning a longer RV trip.

They start by explaining that having each and every night booked can definitely work against you. If you are delayed for any reason, say a mechanical breakdown, it starts an ugly and expensive reservation domino effect.

What they do instead is book major destinations on weekends—in other words, the places that would be difficult to get a last-minute campsite. But they intentionally leave days in between for Harvest Hosts or other spontaneous stops.

I agree with the hierarchy of their on-the-road campsite preferences and use it myself: Harvest Hosts, Cracker Barrel, truck stops, and Walmart if desperate.

I will put in the caveat, however, that fewer and fewer Walmarts and Cracker Barrels are allowing overnight parking.

#3 Road trip hardships: Mind the dip

This bit of mindset advice is a little esoteric, but it’s not wrong. They call it “minding the dip.” The couple talks about how our brains will naturally remember the high and low points of our trip. They say you should lean into both experiences. Hardships and the unexpected snafus that happen with RV life can actually strengthen teamwork and relationships. Also, having the right mindset can help you realize that these “dips” happen to everyone and keep you from turning a small problem into something that ruins a trip.

#4 Getting along while living in a small space

This is especially true for families traveling together, but even couples may have this worry. Dealing with interpersonal relationships in a small space is a little different. Issues will come to the surface quickly, and you will have to deal with them and move on. There is little emotional hiding in an RV.

Once again, the couple has some practical and actionable advice on how to keep everyone happy. I especially concur with the advice of not comparing your RV travels to anyone else’s. That is the beauty of RVing: It can fit everyone’s needs and lifestyles, and those are very different depending on who you are.

#5 Needing to set up everything, every time, at every location.

I confess that I am far too lazy to be guilty of this one, but I regularly watch my more ambitious campground neighbors pulling out and setting up extraordinary amounts of campsite gear before they ever allow themselves to relax. And a lot of it often goes unused until it gets packed up again. In time you will learn to only set up what you need when you need it.

Be sure to check out the video for more practical advice from these seasoned full-time RVers.



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TJ Miller
3 months ago

We minimize as much as possible anyway, and what doesn’t go in the basement will go in the bed, so…

Bill Byerly
3 months ago

We don’t over pack anything except for maybe food on our long trips. And the only thing we unpack upon arrival at new sites are the chairs and small side tables so as to just sit and unwind for a bit

3 months ago

Good article, even for experienced RVers. Our 5th wheel storage holds a relatively small volume when compared to today’s models. This made us weight/gear conscious from the start. Looking back, it was a blessing.

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