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MENU’s BEST RV YouTube channels awards

I absolutely LOVE my job as’s video editor. Each week I get to come up with six new interesting YouTube RV videos. But you know what, as an almost full-time RVer, I would probably be watching all those videos anyway. Well, maybe not quite as much as I currently watch. But a lot.

At this point, I have probably watched more RV YouTube videos than nearly anyone, so I thought it would be fun to come up with my picks of the best RV YouTube channels of 2022. BUT, then I thought it would be even more fun to get your opinions too.

Before I even take a look at the responses you gave to last week’s question, I am going to list my personal favorite RV YouTube channels and why I like them so much. Then we’ll see who are YOUR top favorites.

Yours may or may not match mine. In fact, I kind of hope they don’t, as that way we may all learn about some great new RV YouTube resources.

Cheri’s top 3 favorite YouTube RV channels:

#1 Creativity RV

I love, love, LOVE Robin Barrett’s Creativity RV channel. Robin left her corporate job to live and work on the road as a full-time RVer and never looked back. Her story, attitude, and presentations in her video are inspiring and make you just want to get out there and do it. This is not to say she sugarcoats the negatives. She definitely doesn’t.

Even though in the grand scheme of things Robin is somewhat new to RVing, she has more than made up for the lost time. And she’s been on the road for about six years now, so even though she was not a lifetime RVer, she now has a lot of practical miles and experience under her belt.

She approaches her channel as a journalist. That means if she does not know something, she consults with experts that do.

Her channel covers a wide array of RV topics, especially for the way I like to RV, meaning exploring, traveling, boondocking, and only an occasional RV park. But even if this is not your RV style, Robin has so much great practical content, there really is something for all RVers on her channel. I love her straightforward, no BS, presentations. She is fun and entertaining without wasting a lot of time on unnecessary fluff.

#2 All About RVs

Jared Gillis from All About RVs always presents videos filled with lots of practical information for RVers at all points in their journey, especially newbies.

He also does terrific RV product and gear reviews and comparisons. I especially love that one product is not enough; he often reviews and compares two or three versions or brands of similar items.

There’s a lot of information packed into Jared’s videos so that his audience is well-informed to make the best choices for their needs. Like Robin Barrett, Jared also gets to the point and does not waste your time with a lot of fluff (but then anyone who regularly does would not have made my top picks list).

All About RVs covers a wide array of RV topics and issues, so at some point, you are probably going to find yourself in need of the information they have covered.

# 3 RVstreet

Martin from RVstreet is by far my favorite vlogger when it comes to the ongoing repairs and maintenance that every RVer needs to do (or pay to have done).

I say this with love, but Martin is so thorough (how thorough is he?) that he kind of reminds me of the late Phil Hartman’s old SNL character “The Anal Retentive Chef.”

I so wish I had a Martin in my life to help with my RV. After watching his videos you can see that he pays attention to each and every inch of his rig, both inside and out. Nothing escapes Martin’s meticulous maintenance schedule.

As good as he is at maintaining his own rig, he is also a wonderful and patient teacher who can help save you thousands of dollars in RV maintenance by showing you how to do it yourself.

Sadly, Martin and his wife have currently put their RV dream on hold as he is dealing with a cancer diagnosis. I wish him the best and hope that he makes a full recovery. But in the meantime, his YouTube channel includes a HUGE library of excellent how-to videos every RVer should check out.

Honorable Mention: DualEx Builds 

The only reason this channel is an honorable mention is that it will only appeal to those building or restoring RVs. But if that is you, you can do no better than the talented DualEx Builds channel.

Even if you don’t have all the skills of this master woodworker and craftsman, DualEx’s ideas and RV and camper designs are so creative and innovative, you’re sure to pick up something of value.

Even better, he gives away his plans! (Although I would surely give a donation if I were using them.)

Maybe you don’t plan to build or restore your own RV at all. DualEx’s creations still provide awesome RV eye candy and things to dream about. readers’ favorite YouTube RV channels

Below are the results of our YouTube RV videos readers’ poll. Many, many, many more channels got single-vote recommendations. But we want the best of the best, so all of the picks below were favorites with lots of our readers. I present them in order of popularity. I also included additional comments from you where appropriate.

While I’ll start off with your overall favorite RV YouTube channels, be sure to keep reading down to the individual categories to discover more great YouTube RV channels with specific content focuses.

Best overall RV YouTube channels

In this category, we asked for your very favorite RV YouTube channels. The vote spread was mighty thin. In fact, only a single vote separated our first- and second-place winners!

Drumroll please…

  1. All About RVs
  2. Keep Your Daydream
  3. Josh the RV Nerd

All About RVs and host Jared Gillis took our readers’ top spot, not only as best overall, but also placed in the repair and maintenance category, and as a runner-up in the review category (more below).

I’m a big fan, too, and frequently feature Jared’s videos in our video column.

Why do people like the All About RVs YouTube channel so much? Here’s what you said:

“My pick is All About RVs—wide-ranging topics, accurate and informative well-made videos.”
—Jeff R.

Jason D. adds:
“Great, reliable, and entertaining content that is well-prepared, edited and shared within a strong community of real RVers.”

While nobody left specific comments about Keep Your Daydream, a whole lot of you voted for them.

When it came to Josh the RV Nerd, Henry F. had this to say:

“Josh is clearly the standard when it comes to presenting an RV. His video skills are unmatched on YouTube, along with his candor in showing not everything is a rosy picture.”

4th, 5th and 6th place overall best RV video channel

Fourth place in our reader’s survey goes to The Long Long Honeymoon.

George S. says:
“When I purchased my first RV, the Long Long Honeymoon was a valuable YouTube site for me. Sean and Kristy would feature every aspect of RVing. They would test products, cover do’s and don’ts in campgrounds, and just day-to-day issues of RVing. They seem very personable and produce many videos of their travels with incredible views.”

Fifth place goes to Love Your RV, which also scored high points in the RV Repair and Maintenance video category (more below).

Sixth place for Best Overall RV Video Channels was a 4-way tie! But all these terrific YouTube RV channels merit including in our roundup.

Best RV video channel categories

In addition to your overall favorite RV YouTube Channels, we also asked about your favorites in specific categories. Here’s how that voting turned out:

Best RV repair and maintenance YouTube channel

  1. Love Your RV 
  2. All About RVs

Third place was a tie between:

Best RV reviews YouTube channel

  1. Matt’s RV Reviews
  2. All About RVs

There were only two clear winners in this category and one overwhelming first-place winner. Although, to be sure, they are very different channels. Matt reviews actual RVs while All About RVs reviews RV products.

In any case, Matt’s RV Reviews was the clear winner of this category. Many of you are extremely enthusiastic about Matt and LOVE his presentations and unusual style.

For instance, Steve K. says:
“Hands down the best RV review site. Matt and Andrea do a great job teaming up during the review and have incredible energy (‘Look at these tires’,’ ‘What other fat a$$ dealer will climb a ladder to show you the roof’). Entertaining reviews.”

And Steve M. adds:
“Matt’s RV Reviews—it’s like Curly from The Three Stooges giving us a tour and sometimes breaking things! Genius!”

Not everyone is a fan though. I assume Robert P. was talking about Matt when he wrote: “I can’t stand the fat guy who jumps!”

To each their own, Robert. You are in the minority as most of our readers seem to LOVE Matt.

Best RV lifestyle YouTube Channel

  1. Less Junk More Journey 
  2. LivinRVision
  3. RV Lifestyle

Best travel-centric RV YouTube channel

  1. Finding Our Someday 
  2. Keep Your Daydream 

We had a four-way tie for third place in the travel category:

Best RV building/remodeling and/or restoring YouTube channels

We did not get a lot of responses to this category; however, we do have a two-way tie, so in alphabetical order:

Best Budget RVing video channels

Maybe you have plenty of money, but this category got the least amount of overall recommendations; however, we do have two winners:

  1. Cheap RV Living
  2. Creativity RV

Happy video watching, everyone!


Cheri Sicard
Cheri Sicard
Cheri Sicard is the author 8 published books on topics as diverse as US Citizenship to Cannabis Cooking. Cheri grew up in a circus family and has been RVing on and off her entire life.



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Matts RV Reviews (@guest_260262)
20 days ago

MAN! I am just now seeing this Article! Thank you so much everyone! Bur Bur Bur Buurrrr!

I tell you what… I know my personality isnt for everyone but their is 1 thing that I dont think anyone can disagree with me on and that is I am 100% Authentic to who I am and I love what I do!

Thank you to everyone who voted for me 🙂

Diane McGovern
19 days ago

Hi, Matt! Thanks for writing. I’m sorry your comment sat in the Spam folder all night, and that it took me this long to find it. Usually a person’s first comment is held for moderation, but not put into Spam. Our filter apparently doesn’t like you and your authenticity, for some reason.🤔 But we, and our readers, sure do! Have a great day! 😀 –Diane at

Roger Spalding (@guest_220254)
10 months ago

I subscribe to quite a few of the YouTube vlogs. I have also unsubscribed to many. Too often I have found entitled, ignorant, arrogant and patronizing hosts who believe they can insult their viewers. Some are annoying elitists from the start. Others develop into ugly, offensive, politicking jerks after only a few episodes. No one has a patent on poor manners or an absence of common courtesy. I never knew there were so few gentlemen or ladies on YouTube. This makes it all the more encouraging when you see that occasional parental instruction is not dead.

Roger Eide (@guest_220219)
10 months ago

I have watched quite a few of the channels mentioned but now I have even more to look for. Your ratings are a bit different from mine but actually a lot closer than I thought it would be. There are so many good channels for lifestyle, repairs and maintenance, and reviews that it would be hard to decide which order to put them in.

BigAl (@guest_220170)
10 months ago

Hey Cheri, thanks for ruining my weekend! With all those new sites to checkout, how am I going to get all the things on my todo list and still watch the playoffs? 😂☮️✌🏻

Last edited 10 months ago by BigAl
Shannon (@guest_220153)
10 months ago

RVTravel should reference this list in the resources section

Jack (@guest_220145)
10 months ago

No foresty forest , doesn’t surprise me
No adventure van man ,doesn’t really surprise me either

Watched RV YouTube channels for many years. Watched most all I see here listed. Most all I’ve gave up on ( except above mentioned)

Embracing detours was our favorite but alas they quit.

Through my lens is a good YouTube, not rv ,but travels. Lots of travel information

Bill Fisher (@guest_220114)
10 months ago

My favorite is Love Your RV. Ray does a great job. When I put solar on our Montana I actually modeled my design after Ray’s original, using the same components and layout. I even emailed him with some questions and received quick, accurate responses.
My second favorite is Long Long Honeymoon. Witty and sound information.

Bob M (@guest_220074)
10 months ago

The one Matt the fat guy comment reminds me of a fat guy running for judge in Lackawanna County, Pa before my time. His opponent made many snide comments about the fat guy running for judge. Guess who won, the fat guy. Most of us are on the heavy side as we got older and they were offended about the comments made against the fat guy running for judge. Always be nice, you never know when it will come back to haunt you.

BryanC (@guest_220060)
10 months ago

Thanks for this article! We’re always looking for new channels to surf and, to be honest, our tastes keep changing in what we want to see. We’ll have to check out Robin’s channel. Our #1 selection now is All About RVs. We also like RV Miles’ industry updates. Our latest fad is Turn It Up World. We’re kinda sad that Does Size Matter is no longer doing their RV reviews.

Tony Grigg (@guest_220030)
10 months ago

GREAT job reviewing these channels. We follow many of them already, but others are new to us and we will be checking them out. Thanks for your contribution!

Jewel (@guest_220008)
10 months ago

It’s hard to dispute the listings and even harder to add to it – all my favorites are there!
I also love Robin Barrett’s Creativity RV channel since I’ve watched her through all her various RV changes, accidents, incidents and experiences. I’m sad that she hasn’t done much posting lately but she did a recent one so she’s still out there!
I will mention one really well done channel that was originally more about basic tent camping and travel – and camp cooking – but now has expanded to truck camper full-time status: Dome Life. Kellie and Cody are from Arkansas and have some great off grid camping experiences they share. They were weekenders for years. In 2020, they left their jobs, sold their home in Little Rock and set off full-time with their tent and serious camp kitchen. Kellie has since published a cookbook for campers. Last year, they realized full-time tent life is not great in winter so they now have a truck camper.

Nomadic Fanatic is another worth checking out!

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