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How to reseal an RV window

By Cheri Sicard
When it comes to RV repair and maintenance videos, it’s hard to beat the outstanding job done by Martin from RVstreet. This video on how to reseal an RV window is no exception.

Martin’s mantra is maintenance, maintenance, maintenance! Likewise, when our host noticed the seals on his motorhome’s windows starting to peel and crack, he knew it was time to get busy. Hmmm, I’ve been noticing the same state on my travel trailer’s windows too…

He says dealing with this problem sooner rather than later will prevent it from becoming a larger problem. And when it comes to RVing, I can attest that is always good advice.

The job begins with removing all the old sealant, then resealing the windows with a thin, even line of new sealant. It sounds simple enough, especially after watching the demonstration in the video. And learning how to reseal an RV window yourself can save you TONS of money (not to mention possible waiting time) over taking your rig to a repair shop or calling a mobile service to do it for you.

For this project you will need:

This is a job that’s best accomplished when the weather is warm—about 80 degrees is ideal. When the surface and sealant are warm it is easier to apply.

You are also going to make sure that the weather forecast has no rain anticipated for the next few days.

Begin by snipping off just the tip of the sealant tube. Controlling the size of the opening will help you better control the amount of sealant being deposited.

Then use the plastic razor knife to scrape off the old sealant. This tool does a great job of peeling off the worn sealant WITHOUT scratching the paint. The old toothbrush and a little paint thinner complete cleaning the area, followed by an alcohol wash to remove the paint thinner. The video demos exactly how to do it.

Be sure to watch the video to learn Martin’s secret technique of how to do a perfect, neat, fine line seal. I could explain, but as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words!



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1 month ago

There is a product at home depot that you spray to remove caulking , just spray wait 5 min it melts away, caulking remover

1 month ago

I use the tape technique as well along with silicone caulk. To smooth the bead while the tape is still attached, I dip my finger in vodka or rubbing alcohol and then gently apply some pressure to smooth the bead with my finger. I like clear silicone because after it cures, you can barely notice its there. Same technique works great for other sealant chores in bath rooms and kitchens.

1 month ago

I’ve been using this tape technique for years. I did this when replacing the shower doors in my home bathroom. Instead of using my finger to smooth the caulk, I found a smoothing tool at one of the big box stores. It is nothing more than a silicone rubber square with different radius corners. Makes a nice even seal.

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