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Stress-free RV black water tank cleaning and maintenance

By Cheri Sicard
They are every RVers’ most dreaded chores: emptying the RV’s black water tank and cleaning the black water tank. In other words, properly maintaining your RV’s sewage systems.

These necessities of RV life may seem distasteful on the surface, but in reality, emptying your RV’s black water tank need not cause stress or dread. It’s actually pretty simple.

RV newbies especially get weirded out when it comes to the topic of their RV’s sewage system.

I have known people to put off this chore for so long that the toilet is about to start overflowing. Others avoid using their RV toilet altogether. (What’s the point of having one?)

Stop procrastinating and let the comprehensive video below take away all the mystery.  Before you know it, you will be dumping like an RV pro!

Despite dealing with your RV’s toilet waste, this chore is pretty neat and sanitary—especially if you follow the video below. It provides everything you could possibly need to know about emptying your RV black water tanks and keeping your tank’s monitors clean and functioning.

Highlights include:

  • Avoiding the dreaded “poop pyramid”
  • The best ways to get water into your black water tank
  • The best treatments, deodorants, and products for RV black water tanks
  • Do you really need special RV toilet paper?
  • When to dump your black water tank
  • Accessories to make RV black water tank dumping neat and easy
  • Best practices for black water tank dumping
  • Best practices for black water tank cleaning procedures
  • Black water tank and sewage odor control
  • Dealing with black water tank clogs

You’d be hard-pressed to find a more user-friendly and comprehensive RV black water tank guide than this video.

After watching this video, you can flush away your RV dump station fears and stop putting off draining the tanks. That smells wonderful!



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2 months ago

The video is very helpful and I especially liked the idea of using ice cubes because it is something not mentioned much, I have done this for years and is an old method used in food processing to clean new troughs. When I fill up at the last stop before I camp with full hook ups, I will buy a bag of crushed ice and add it to my black tank. Once I have setup my rig, I will flush my black tank and in the 10 years of RVing there have been no problems or clogs.

2 months ago

Got sick of dealing with the black tank. Drained, cleaned, sealed it off. Got a composting toilet. So much easier. I’ve had the “euwww” reaction from some people but I don’t know how it’s “euwwwier” than a tank of nasty black water under your trailer. Also uses no water and takes me 75% less time to deal with cleaning it. A win-win for me.

Jim Schrankel
2 months ago

Very good video. I trick I use before dumping the black tank. After attaching the sewer hose, I pull the gray tank handle for a few seconds. This guarantees I will not have a messy surprise with the black if there is a loose fitting.

Kevin G.
2 months ago

A great video that covers a lot of good information. However, if you recommend to always use (rubber) gloves when handling black tank items you should also do it in the video. When seeing the hose being pulled out of the bumper with a bare hand it is contradictory and may send the wrong message. Even if the hoses are new, one should create a good habit of always wearing gloves when handling black tank items/valves.

2 months ago
Reply to  Kevin G.

I agree. I cringe when seeing folks handle black tank items with bare hands. Excellent comprehensive video.

Last edited 2 months ago by cee
2 months ago
Reply to  cee

If they intend to wash their hands after dumping, what’s the problem? That’s what I do.

2 months ago
Reply to  Gary

The problem is everything you touch prior to washing your hands. I am terrible about having my hands around my face/eyes. I wear gloves on the off chance of contamination.

Tana S
13 days ago
Reply to  Kevin G.

What do you touch before washing? What about any cuts on your hands?

Last edited 13 days ago by Tana S