Saturday, December 9, 2023


Simple RV door modifications for easy opening and closing

By Cheri Sicard
Over time your RV door may shift or things may change and it gets harder to open and close, or perhaps it slams too hard upon closing. Whatever the issue, Ross from RV Tips & Travels is here to show us some easy RV door modifications to keep things working as they should.

Ross begins by naming and defining the various components of RV doors, just so there is no confusion. Watch the video for details.

Ross recommends carrying an extra door faceplate as they do wear out over time and it is easy to strip the screws on them.

The second tip is to make sure that the screws on your door’s face plate or strike plate are in tightly, as they do tend to come loose with time and movement. Just simply tightening the screws for many will fix the entire problem. One more tip: Never use an electric screwdriver as these strip the screws more easily.

Another thing Ross says to do before beginning any RV door modification or repair is to check the alignment of the deadbolt and the latch. Ross shows an easy trick of how to do this in the video.

Beyond that, Ross shows a modification that will move the plates as far from each other as possible to prevent wear. To do this you can’t adjust the latch on the door—that is what it is. But you can adjust the strike plate. Rather than tell you how, it’s better to watch how Ross does it in the demonstration. It involves slightly lowering the plate’s profile. It’s an easy mod that just takes seconds and uses a hammer.

Using Ross’s method will reduce friction on the strike plate and reduce wear and tear on the latch.

If that does not fix your RV door issues and your door is still difficult to open and close, Ross has one more trick up his sleeve. This one involves moving the strike plate away from the RV, thereby relieving pressure on the latch.

These are simple fixes, but if your door is not closing properly or is too stiff, these little adjustments can make a HUGE difference.



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Neal Davis (@guest_256729)
1 month ago

Thank you, Cheri.

Bill Byerly (@guest_256517)
1 month ago

Nice video. Clear, well thought out presentation, and straight to the point.

Tommy Molnar (@guest_256416)
1 month ago

I think this video is packed with good ideas. Our biggest door problem on our 2012 Arctic Fox was those goofy friction-like door hinges. They got SO tight, I was worrying that they might break. Finally (and I should have done this earlier) I sprayed the hinges generously with WD-40 and the problem was solved. So far, both the doors open and close just fine.

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