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RV do’s and don’ts: Common sense RV tips you might not know about

By Cheri Sicard
Ross from RV Tips & Travels has some terrific tips in the video below in the form of RV do’s and don’ts. In other words, things that you should be doing for your RV, and other things that you should definitely stop doing (if you are doing them).

So what’s covered in the RV do’s and don’ts?

Check it out.

RV do’s

  • Pack your towable properly—Improperly packing your trailer can seriously increase sway. Watch the video for demos and what to do.
  • Show your tires some love—RVs ride on tires, so the more you can do to care for them the better. Nathan recommends covering your RV tires when they will be sitting for long periods.
  • Have fans on while showering—Use roof vent fans while showering to prevent fixtures from oxidizing and cracking or warping on cabinets. It also prevents mold.
  • Simplify RV life—There is a whole lot of information to remember when owning an RV. In order to find essential info when you need it, Nathan suggests keeping lists on your phone such as maintenance procedures, set up and tear down checklists, inventory lists, winterizing and de-winterizing lists, and more. Whenever Nathan learns something new, he adds it to the appropriate list. Smart!

RV don’ts

  • Only use RV toilet paper—As we have talked about in an earlier video post, not only is this more expensive and not desirable, in many cases it produces inferior results. All you need is any septic-safe toilet paper.
  • Keep roof vents open while driving—Open vents while driving will introduce a whole lot of dirt and dust to your rig. (The video does not talk about it, but they can even be blown right off in the wrong wind.)
  • Pack all your tools in the trailer or 5th wheel—Inventory your tools and if you might need them in your tow vehicle when you don’t have your RV along, then store them in the tow vehicle.
  • Keep nonhydraulic stabilizer jacks lowered in storage—Ross says a lot of people make the mistakes of lowering their jacks when the RV is winterized or sitting empty for long periods of time. He suggests not doing this in case tires lose pressure and too much weight is carried on the jacks.
  • Not clean the water pump filter—There is a small debris filter attached to your RV’s water pump and most people don’t clean it. You should, and Nathan shows how.

*Disclaimer: This video does not necessarily indicate the views of Cheri Sicard or Please take all information with a grain of salt and do your own research. 



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