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RV glamping—6 ways to turn your campsite into a stylish retreat

By Cheri Sicard
In the video below, Randi from Randi’s Adventures is here to help you add a little style and flair to your campsite with 6 terrific but simple RV glamping ideas.

Some of the tips are easy and seem like common sense, but they add way more function and style than you would think. Other tips are just plain fun. And after all, RVing should be fun or what is the point?

So what does Randi cover in her RV glamping ideas?

#1 Outdoor Mat: This idea may be simple, but it is AMAZING how much style an outdoor mat can add to your campsite. Not to mention it will help keep some dirt and dust out of the RV too. Randi chose a reversible one for maximum versatility.

#2 Picnic Table Cover: Let’s face it, the picnic tables provided at most campsites are pretty worn and dingy. A cover instantly turns a picnic table from drab to fab. Easy! You can even get matching covers for the benches. Not only does the table look better, it protects you and your food from the dirt. Small clips keep everything secure.

#3 Welcome Flag: The welcome flag instantly gives your campsite some personalized style.

#4: Colored Fire: Randi even has an idea for blinging out your campfire. Toss in a pouch of “Mystical Fire” and be prepared for brilliant colors emanating from the campfire.

#5 Flameless Tea Light Candles: These “candles” have no fire danger, yet provide lot of ambiance with flickering, cozy candlelight.

#6 Laser Lights: You have to see this one to appreciate it, but the rechargeable laser light can make a spectacular and magical light show on the trees of the campsite. The lights can even move to the sound of music. Fun! (But please don’t leave it on all night.)



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14 days ago

No laser lights in the forest!!!! In fact, no lights at all

Bill Fisher
14 days ago

Please skip the laser light show! Ugh

14 days ago

Where did you find the laser light you have..not on Amazon ?
I think it is fun..but not all night at a park..we have a large family picnic every year that it would be great…thanks

Donald N Wright
14 days ago

What colors attract insects ? Why light up the forest ? Are you afraid of the dark or do the stars & moon annoy you ? I hope my site is far away from yours.

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