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Survey says nearly 40 percent of RVers have named their RV

We didn’t intend to name our RV. In fact, we’ve had three previous RVs and none of the three were christened with any type of moniker. As we’ve traveled, I’ve noticed that many folks do name their rigs. In fact, some even display their RV’s name on the rig itself. I remember the huge diesel pusher that proudly displayed “Big Bertha” in fancy, colorful lettering across the back of the coach. There was also the ultra-small teardrop trailer dubbed “Tiny Tim” that once parked in a site near us.

Our current rig received its name purely by accident. Our 3-year-old granddaughter named our rig “Harvey.” You can read about it here.

Back in February 2020, asked our readers if they had named their RV. 39 percent said yes, their RV has a name, while 61 percent said no.

How important is it to name your RV? It probably isn’t critical or absolutely necessary, but it can be fun. Here are a few hints about naming your RV.

Incorporate your own

Many folks like to include their last name into what they call their RV. For example, the Smiths chose “Smith’s Swifty.” They like that it’s alliterative, with both names beginning with “S.” It’s also a mild tongue twister. Dave called his “Dave’s Dream Keeper.” That has a nice ring to it, too.

Include favorite activities

I’ll bet you can guess what these RVers like to do, simply by the names they’ve given their rigs. There’s “Seymour” (see more), “Trout Trailer,” and “Party Bus,” just to name a few rig names I’ve seen.

Model type or manufacturer

Some RVers like to demonstrate their allegiance to a specific manufacturer. They’ll include the make and/or model into the name they give to their RV, like: “Redwood Rider” or “Airstream Annie.” Other names aren’t so obvious, however. Take for instance, “Mo” for Momentum RVs or “Loner” for the Solitude line of RVs.

Favorite places

Still other RVers name their rigs with a nod to their favorite places. There’s “Old Faithful” or “Beach Seeker.” If your favorite vacation spot is the Smoky Mountains, perhaps “Smoky” would make the perfect name for your RV.

Artificial Intelligence

If you simply cannot come up with a name for your RV, let artificial intelligence help you. That’s right! There’s a computer algorithm that will generate a vehicle name for you. Just click here. You’ll be asked a few questions and then voila! Based on your answers, AI will spit out a potential name for your RV. If you don’t like the name, just adjust your answers a bit and generate a new moniker. Note: There are RV-specific AI name generators out there. You can Google them. I found the car name generator to be more user-friendly and I liked the results better.  

What about it? It’s your RV, after all. Maybe, just maybe, it’s time to give it a name!

Does your RV have a name? If so, please tell me in the comments below.



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10 days ago

Reading through all of the comments reinforces my belief that RVers are so creative! I thoroughly enjoyed seeing your RV’s names.

16 days ago

Absolutely! Class C was Ruby cause I bought on 40th wedding anniversary. Then the trailer was Pull Along Polly. Finally our 5th wheel is Wandering Wanda as we have been full timers for last 5 years just wandering around!

Marcia & Fred Dunham
17 days ago

We have an older Hi-Lo trailer that we named “Harry Hi-Lo” He brings us much pleasure.

James and Marsha Winstead
17 days ago

We have a Tiffin Wayfarer after having several big rigs and just love ” Little Booger”
17 days ago

Rockin’ Red as a tribute to a friend who passed. He called me Red!

Mick Williams
17 days ago

After 3 trailers, we named our 4th “Dawg Haus” as we travel with our pups 9 months out of the year. We added “Always in the Dawg Haus” as a fun name, and because I tend to be in the dog house with the wife:-)

Joe Ferrell
17 days ago

Our granddaughter named our dinosaur 1991 Jamboree, “Jammie.”

Troy B.
17 days ago

Lovingly referred to as “the beast”

Ray Spaw
18 days ago

We thought pigs would fly before we could get an Airstream, so Flying Petunia seemed an apt name for her when it happened. Happy trails, y’all.

Cookie P
17 days ago
Reply to  Ray Spaw

Love the name and the story behind this.

Chris P. Bacon
18 days ago

We always name our vehicles, RV included. We’ve had the Mystery Machine, Rocinante, and now, Serenity.

We name our cars, too.

Merlin B.
18 days ago

Yeah, I’m on board. I call my Cougar 5th wheel, “The Trailer.” Hahahaha!

Susan Salvucci
18 days ago

Our Aliner is named “Perry’s Gift” after my dad. We bought it with some of my inheritance. Thanks, Dad!

Sherry Shay
18 days ago

Ours is called Big Bertha 11. She’s our second motor home.

Donna McBroom-Theriot
18 days ago

Airstream – Sunday Grace. Sunday is the Lord’s day and grace because he gives us grace, we need to give ourselves grace at times, and we need to give others grace. It has a deep meaning for me. I have health issues and I’ve learned that there are times I need to give myself grace to just get thru the day.

10 days ago

I love this! Thanks for sharing.

R. Shepardson
18 days ago

My “On Point Ontour”

Rick krampert
18 days ago

2022 grand design 260 rd named the garland after my wife’s grandfathers fishing schooner in new foundland at turn of 20th century and it means “ great adventures roaming land” tow vehicle 2022 f250 named the bat big a** truck

18 days ago

We named our 32′ Travel Trailer “Haarrvey” (We say it using Pirate talk) Everytime we would do Google and YouTube internet searches for “RV” using voice recognition, the result was always “Harvey”. So we turned that into “Haarrvey” and have a Jolly Roger flag.

Robert Flinn
18 days ago

20-some years ago we upgraded from a pop-up pull-behind to a self-contained Coleman Caravan. A friend, taking a tour of the new rig, commented that it must now feel like staying in a hotel, compared to where we started. We started playing with hotel names and, voila… “The Holiday Flinn” was born. Three campers later, and that’s still the name. We modified the old-school Holiday Inn logo and the custom plate is “HOL!DAY”.

18 days ago

Our Class A 43’ Newmar Ventana is Champagne & Blue so her name is: CHAMBLU
We were able to get that for her license plate too. Makes it so much easier to talk about. Our matching toad, a blue Jeep Cherokee is: Blue Jay. It has decals of Blue Jays on the back window and a stuffed toy Blue Jay inside.

Neal Davis
18 days ago

One of my friends immediately asked what we were naming RV #1 when I told her we’d bought it. My wife’s equally immediate answer was that was a silly idea and that we would not name the RV. Within four years my wife rethought and named #1 Reva the Revolution (it was an American Coach Revolution). We further named our tow vehicle JT, short for “Jeep towed.” We ordered RV #2 and it was named Newton the New Aire (a Newmar New Aire) before we even got it. Newton now precedes JT as we go down the road.

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