Monday, December 5, 2022


Video: RV industry president discusses economic impact of RVing


In this 53-minute video, RV Industry Association (RVIA) President Frank Hugelmeyer discusses the economic impact of the RV industry and where it fits into the overall picture of outdoor recreation and the American economy.

UPDATE: This video was pulled from YouTube several days after we posted this article about it. Our guess is the RV industry Association doesn’t want consumers hearing its president go on and on about everything to do with RVing, but almost nothing to increase the workmanship of the often poorly built units its member-manufacturers crank out. 

Before joining the RV industry, Hugelmeyer was head of the Outdoor Recreation Association. In 2012, he led the effort to quantify the entire outdoor recreation economy. Six years later, in February 2018, the Federal government formally recognized outdoor recreation economy as a noteworthy contributor to the United States’ GDP.

In this video interview, he discusses who is buying today’s RVs, and what the RV industry shares in common with all industries related to outdoor recreation.

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Steven Browning
3 years ago

Apparently he has nothing to say….”this video is unavailable”.

Andrew S.
3 years ago

Does Frank have anything to say about the POOR QUALITY products that the industry he represents is producing???
I think not.

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