Sunday, December 4, 2022


RV organizing with Dollar Tree and IKEA Items


By Cheri Sicard
Anyone who has ever RVed knows that RV organizing is supremely important. When living in a small space, if your things do not have specific places to go, they will be in your way. Guaranteed.

The video below has clever RV organizing tips that won’t break the bank. That’s because presenter Liz Fenwick looked to her local Dollar Tree store to help her get the RV organizing job done. OK, most things come from Dollar Tree, and a few are from Amazon and IKEA, but none will set you back much money.

Liz has organized every part of her RV in a way that fits her family’s RV lifestyle, and that is most important for anyone trying to organize their space. You have to do so in a way that meets your personal needs.

Liz starts with larger organizing bins for large cupboards. But she even has tips for small spaces like drawers. Too often RV drawers turn into a solid mass of mess with things shoved in and running into each other. But Liz shows it absolutely does not need to be that way.

I especially loved her rolling dish drying rack and have never seen anything like the stainless steel rack that fits over the sink. This is a genius idea, in my opinion. And she also has a nifty idea for outfitting the RV kitchen with mini-utensils (get these colorful and useful accessories at the Dollar Tree store too).

Liz also makes good use of hanging space, something a lot of RVers tend to ignore. But if you need extra space, it might just be on the wall in front of you. Make copious use of hooks throughout the RV and you’ll find it even easier to keep things neat.

Liz even covers things like remotes that you might otherwise lose.

She rounds out with her favorite small RV vacuum cleaner that she says does as good a job as her Dyson at home for a fraction of the cost and space.

If your RV is feeling a little cluttered, these tips are sure to help you put things in order.


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