Monday, September 26, 2022


Video: RV tail swing. How to stay out of trouble

In this RV driving skills video from Mark Polk learn what tail swing is and how to avoid RV accidents where tail swing is concerned. If you don’t understand tail swing, get ready for some repair bills.


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John Koenig
6 years ago

Mark didn’t mention VERTICAL tail swing. His RV is TAPERED at the back so as to have additional ground clearance (clearly visible when viewed from the side). Not all RVs are tapered. If the basement compartments in the rear are as tall as they are further forward, then when you go UP or DOWN a driveway with a sharp / steep incline, the transition from one level of pavement to the other can cause the back end of the RV to strike the pavement. Avoid sharp differences in height of pavements if at all possible. If you can’t avoid one, try to take the “ramp” at an angle.

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