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How to replace and reseal RV windows

By Mark Polk, RV Education 101 Part of RV ownership is preventive maintenance. Preventive maintenance consists of cleaning, inspecting, lubricating, adjusting, and servicing your RV....

RV Driving Skills: Know your pivot point and tail-swing

Mark Polk, RV Education 101 Driving a compact automobile is different than towing a trailer or driving a motorhome. The more proficient your driving skills...

7 common RV owner mistakes and how to avoid them

By Mark Polk, RV Education 101 It does not matter if you are a brand-new RV owner or a seasoned RV owner – we...

What you need to know about RV electrical cords

There are times when our RV's built-in electrical cords will not stretch far enough to reach a power pedestal or other power source. And...
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Does windchill affect RV water lines freezing when driving?

Dear editor, We were advised by a dealer RV technician to winterize our water lines while driving in cold weather. The claim is that windchill...

RV Education 101: Watch the RV battery discharge numbers

By Mark Polk RV EDUCATION 101® Never let a 12-volt battery discharge below 12 volts, or a 6-volt battery discharge below 6 volts. That might sound...

RV Education 101: Good surge protector highly recommended

By Mark Polk RV EDUCATION 101® If expensive appliances and sensitive electronic equipment like inverters, microwaves, entertainment centers and refrigerators are exposed to improper wiring or...

RV Education 101: RV gray water tank maintenance tip 

By Mark Polk RV EDUCATION 101® We always talk about black water holding tank maintenance, but seldom mention the gray water holding tank. The gray water...

How to keep your RV’s fresh water tank fresh

By Mark Polk, RV Education 101 Do not assume your RV's fresh water will stay safe and fresh like at home. Contaminated water is extremely...

RV Education 101: Keep holding tank odors out of the RV

By Mark Polk RV EDUCATION 101® RV holding tanks are designed with a vent pipe going from the top of the holding tank to the roof...

RV Education 101: RV black water holding tank tips

By Mark Polk RV EDUCATION 101® One thing lots of RV owners do not do is add enough water to the black water holding tank after...

RV Education 101: Use the NADA Guide when buying a used RV

By Mark Polk RV EDUCATION 101® There is an RV edition of the NADA (National Automobile Dealers Association) guide. This is the appraisal guide most RV...