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What it’s really like RVing at Love’s RV Stops

By Cheri Sicard
We have been hearing a lot about the new overnight, full-hookup RV facilities certain Love’s truck stops are putting in. We even wrote about it last weekend. In the video below, the team from Changing Lanes is here to show you what the experience is actually like.

I actually did learn something from the video in that I had previously thought it was just a basic parking space in a parking lot with hookups. To my mind, that is not enough to justify the $35 – $50 rent, unless it was in a HIGHLY desirable area. But there are some amenities.

That said, either a lot of people agree with me or the concept is just too new. The team in the video had the place entirely to themselves.

Currently, there are only about 30 or so Love’s RV Stops in the U.S., but they are expected to expand. Staying at a Love’s RV Stop has the added convenience of being able to fuel up upon arriving or leaving, and the usual truck stop amenities like a restaurant, shop, showers, etc.

The spaces at Love’s RV Stops are reservable online. They will send you a code to open the gate. Check-in is via the app. From there you just pull on in and hook on up!

Now, I had to admit that my reticence at the price was based on paying so much just to have full hookups in a parking lot. However, the Love’s RV Stop profiled in the video did offer some amenities. These included:

  • A self-activated communal gas fire pit to enjoy evening relaxation around.
  • Picnic area
  • Pickleball court
  • Splash pad water play area

Still, at $50 a night, this RV parking spot is not cheap. Yes, it is less than the local KOA, but this frugal RVer would likely never stay at either.

What are your thoughts on the new Love’s RV Stops? Leave them in the comments below.



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T Prince
15 hours ago

Why is Love’s investing in RV parking when there is an URGENT need for additional TRUCK parking across the country?? Love’s and Flying J and other truck stops all need to expand for trucking – not RV’s.

Brian Geltz
16 hours ago

I spent my whole career driving a truck, last several years it has been very difficult finding a parking space. I have not been able to park at a truck stop countless times due to RV’s parking there. Sorry, I strongly disagree with this

Toby Noe
19 hours ago

Loves has very limited truck parking but they can put in RV parks? I’ll just fuel at Pilot or the J. Thanks. I wonder what would happen if KOA started building truck parking areas?

23 hours ago

Too pricey for us for an overnight stay. $15-20 we’d consider. I’d doubt they’d want seniors laying in the splash pad, so that’s out. Even though, staying at Cracker Barrel costs you the price of breakfast for two. $50 either way.

Deb wray
3 days ago

I feel, as a Canadian, this is a ridiculous rate. Exchange rates are not fault of USA, however, I’m sure a huge consideration for Canadians. Pulling into Loves, or Pilots, or even Walmarts, for that matter, we always stock up. I will deliberately avoid Loves and their gas.
travelling to destinations, great to have power. At $20. They’d still be making $, everyone’s happy. Pickle ball, splash pads? Unless Loves is your destination, can’t see this as a plus.
We support the businesses that seem NOT to gouge the rv’ers. Even (most) casinos do better than this!

Toby Noe
19 hours ago
Reply to  Deb wray

The truckers will love the Splash Pad. Free shower!

John Paul zwaduk
3 days ago

Wow that’s little pricey for me can stay overnight in a camp ground for twenty five dollars nice and quiet no thanks

K Green
3 days ago

The concept is good for an overnight/ passing through/ short stay basic needs site. But, if they are touting amenities like a pickleball court or splash pool, then it’s more like a campground which seems to miss the point. I should think the only “extra” added to an expected level pad with full hookups or at least a dump station, might be a designated dog area.

Cheri Sicard
3 days ago
Reply to  K Green

I agree. And to my mind, they are just too expensive. Maybe not at $30 but certainly at $50 (and everyone I have seen was $50).

4 days ago

Costwise, $10 for no-hookups, $25 for electric, and $35 for water & electric, with separate paid pull-through dump stations, makes more sense to me; the utilities could be available at each site but controlled by the online booking app so customers can access only what they pay for. Restaurants, paid showers, laundromats and other amenities (like paid propane fire and barbeque pits) would of course remain other money-making services for Love’s. Maybe prices will come down once others begin to copy the concept and bring in competition…?

Cheri Sicard
3 days ago
Reply to  Cal20Sailor

I agree, it’s too pricey for me to ever use.

4 days ago

I really like the idea. After a long day on the road, to have a no-frills place to park for the night, then hit the road again in the morning. And since most are full hookups, I wouldn’t be taking away from the truck drivers. But the price for the accommodation seems a bit high.

Cheri Sicard
3 days ago
Reply to  Jeff

Too high for me to ever use it. Agreed.

Norm Randolph
4 days ago

A timely video since I’d already booked 4 nights in mid-May a couple of weeks back at that particular Love’s. We just happened to be attending a genealogical gathering a couple of miles away before visiting other parts of Georgia.

Total was $165.24 (which included taxes and fees) for our 25ft. Class C.

Thomas D
4 days ago

Will the dump station be included in the fee? Ive used it. Need a code but really nice and clean. I’d usr the overnight slots. More convenient and probably easier to maneuver than a lot of campgrounds ive been in.
My wife and I don’t ” camp ” anymore. Just stay. We use the rv as transportation. Our destinations are usually moochdocks. Friends, relatives etc.

4 days ago

Spending the night in an RV next to a truck stop with their noisy diesel engines running all night would not be my first choice for an overnight stop. Of course, the trucks are not in the RV section, yet the volume of those diesel engines carries quite far having stayed in motels next to truck stops were a few truckers find motel accommodations more comfortable than a cab sleeper berth.

John Sowell
4 days ago

The one they opened recently at Bliss, Idaho, is minimal. Located next to the semi truck gas pumps. Gravel paths. No trees. You don’t even get a shower pass. But it’s right off Interstate 84.

Beth Holt
4 days ago

Looking forward to using these stops once we buy (or rent) our replacement RV this summer. Agree Loves needs to lessen the amenities to lower the price. Have places with and without. Otherwise…great idea.

Dallas Thompson
4 days ago

Interesting. Have thought about stopping a couple times. But at this price level, would stay at local city park or private local owned park. For a simple pullover with electric our price point is $35 or less. Otherwise we use Harvest Host or Boondockers Welcome.

4 days ago

Like the truck drivers need another problem…after pulling into a loves and thinking you’ll be able to get a good rest then a nice shower, you’ll have to get in line after a bunch of rver’s that are not on a schedule. Then your break will be over and you’ve got to leave to make delv on time. Dirty old truckdrivers don’t shower enough. Wonder why

Robert Palesch
4 days ago

We are going to try a Loves RV Stop on our trek back to PA from SD. We needed to break up one LONG travel day and this idea fits the bill.

Norman Powers
4 days ago

Think it is a great idea. Wish more campgrounds would consider five or ten overnight sites as well.

4 days ago
Reply to  Norman Powers

We have stayed at a few times at a campground near Binghamton NY, on our way to upstate NY, that had 6 overnight pull through sites. All full hookup. These were located on the entrance road, easy in and out. I think it was $40/night. Short walk to the bath house and snack bar.

4 days ago

I’m a 58 year old truck driver of 42 yrs now. My parents got our family into camping when I was 5, and my family and I still camp to this day. My wife and have in the last couple of years have reverted back to tent camping. That all said I my question is why would you want to spend that much money to spend the night at a truck stop,even with your own parking area having the amenities when you’re totally self contained. That’s a ridiculous thing to do, when you spend thousands of dollars on your rig and most likely have a generator, go find a rest area or a parking lot.

4 days ago

35 to 50 is too much We belong to harvest host it only 87 a year no hookup and I may buy little wine or beer and supper.( Which I would anyway)

Cheri Sicard
3 days ago
Reply to  Dot&Scott

I could not agree more!

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