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RVing with cats: How to train your cats for RV life

Do you long to go RVing with cats but worry that your cats can’t or won’t adapt to RV life?

This video from Radar Road Warriors will have you rethinking that premise. In it they share the secrets of how they got their four cats, two indoor cats, and two outdoor feral cats, to adapt to nomadic life. That’s right, these folks are not just RVing with cats, they are successfully RVing with multiple cats!

If two outdoor feral cats can adapt to RV life, chances are good that your little Fluffy can too.

Video hosts Steve and Erica are full-time RVers, so their cats have had lots of practice. But the tips in the video can apply to weekend warriors and occasional road trippers as well as full-timers.

While Steve and Erica’s four cats are experienced full-time RVers now, it wasn’t always that way. It took time and patience to get to this point, especially with the feral cats who presented way more challenges.

The couple has a great positive attitude and patient and kind training methods. It’s obvious they truly love their pets, and they put in the necessary work to keep both their beloved cats and their dream of a full-time RV lifestyle.

In addition to a lot of practical cat training tips, the video also talks about safety on the road and ways to avoid the heartbreak of losing a cat while traveling.

They also talk about optional sedatives they get from the vet, and when and why they occasionally use them. Your cat may or may not need these, but it’s not a bad idea to have some on hand in case you ever do need them.

Another tool this couple found useful is pheromone calming spray. Especially when going back on the road after not having traveled for a while.

Beyond the practicalities of how to take a cat on the road, the video also deals with keeping the cats happy while traveling.

Interactive toys are one tool that was especially useful for one of the couple’s feral cats.  This particular cat used to be a mouser when allowed to roam free on the farm, so it easily got bored in the RV.

Other ways the couple keeps the cats engaged are with caged outdoor time, backpack walks, and interesting views outside the RV windows.

Patience is required to pull off happy and successful RVing with cats, but Steve and Erica prove it can be done.

The most important takeaway from the video is to plan on starting months ahead of time.  Cats don’t adapt overnight, so give your cats plenty of time and training before you hit the road.

Topics covered include

  • Training feral cats to come inside an RV
  • Training cats to feel like RV is home
  • Cat products purchased
  • Spraying cages with pheromone “calming” spray
  • The initial move into the RV
  • First road trip with all 4 cats
  • Pheromone calming plug-in diffusers
  • Harness training and cat backpack rides
  • Pro-tip: Turn the cat around to get them inside a cage.



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The Lazy Q
1 year ago

What about letting them ride in a fifth wheel during travel?

Donald N Wright
1 year ago

Thank you. I have been a cat slave all my life, they passed away several years ago. Now I have a bigger trailer, this could be fun.

1 month ago

Until now, my wife and I always had one cat. When our last cat passed, we finally got another but then thought about getting a second. We are kicking ourselves for not getting two cats long ago. It’s a riot…..not only is the joy level doubled but the cats have company when we go on hikes etc.. I think cats give a huge return on your investment. They give us more joy than anything we have ever done.

1 year ago

Soft cages or collapsible cages are important. We also use a full body harness on each cat. Put on before we depart and removed when we return home. Each harness has a six ft lead, you only have to catch the lead.
We also travel with four cats.

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