Wednesday, September 27, 2023


Slumping RV sales spell good deals for RV consumers

In the video below, Izzy and MJ from Endless RVing (one of our readers’ favorite RV YouTube channels) share their thoughts on the current state of slumping RV sales and dealers being overstocked with 2022 and 2023 models while manufacturers are preparing to ship the 2024 models.

Turns out shipments of new RVs in March are down. Way down. Fifty percent down from 2022!

According to industry interviews and reports, it seems as though the RV industry has come to accept that 2023 is going to be a down year, and they are hopeful business will pick up in 2024.

All of this is certainly horrible news if you are an RV manufacturer or an RV dealer. But if you are a consumer in the market for a new RV, as long as you don’t need to buy on credit, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better time to get a smoking deal on an RV sale.

In the post-pandemic world, RV dealers are finding their lots still well stocked with 2023 and even 2022 models. This costs a dealer in the amount of real estate the RV takes up on the lot, and in the payments to the manufacturer the dealer is on the hook to make.

It is definitely to the dealer’s advantage to move those older (but still new) models off the lot. Especially since 2024 models are set to start arriving over the summer.

The discounts to be had now are ENORMOUS! They cite one example in the video where the customer bought a $500K motorhome for $299K.

But wait, there’s more! Major manufacturers are also offering factory rebates.

Izzy and MJ predict that the rebates won’t last long as they are designed to help move out the 2022 and 2023 inventory. Therefore, if buying a new RV has been in your plan, this might be an opportune time to act. Keep in mind these rebates are in addition to the dealer’s discounted prices.

Who is offering rebates? Watch the video for details on these, some of which are really aggressive, meaning a better deal for you. Izzy and MJ list these manufacturers as currently offering rebates and incentives:

  • Newmar
  • American Coach
  • Thor Industries

Others may be as well, as these rebates come and go, as discussed in the video. However, with so much inventory, it is likely that they will continue. Therefore, whatever brand of new RV you plan to buy, it merits checking the manufacturer’s website to see if they are offering any discounts or rebates.



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Neal Davis
3 months ago

Thank you, Cheri!

Bob P
3 months ago

Still grossly overpriced with rebates!

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