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Towing: Safely descending steep grades


Sean and Kristy Michael, aka the team from the Long Long Honeymoon, have put together an extremely quick but useful video about the downhill side of towing steep grades.

Beginner RVers are definitely the audience this particular video is geared towards. After spending five minutes watching these tips, you should feel more confident about towing steep grades with your travel trailer or fifth wheel. And even though the video is geared toward those towing, the tips can also help those driving motorhomes in the mountains too.

You’ll enjoy gorgeous scenery of mountain passes and steep grades during the video in which the couple talks about towing tips to help you, your vehicle, and your trailer or fifth wheel arrive safely at your destination.

One of the most important points happens before you even leave your driveway. That is an honest assessment of whether or not your tow vehicle has the capacity to safely tow your RV over steep grades. If you hope to safely tow on mountain roads, your tow vehicle must have the ability to get the job done.

Other mountainous driving tips included in the video:

  • A discussion of gears, the importance of lower gears, and when to use them.
  • The importance of the Tow/Haul mode.
  • The importance of using all the tools at your disposal.
  • Extending the life of truck and trailer brakes.

If you are at all apprehensive about driving your RV on steep grades, watch the video and get better acquainted with the things you can do to make the experience safe and stress-free.


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1 month ago

Here’s a link from YouTuber RV Love who takes a calm common sense attitude while driving passes. The video takes you over the Continental Divide on Homestake Pass east of Butte, Montana. The road climbs fast and semi drivers have a speed limit of 25 mph on the descent due to a 6% grade which isn’t crazy but throw in the curves and you need to pay attention. My dad always said go down a pass in the same or lower gear you climbed, use the Tow/Haul and you’ll save your brakes. His advice served me well when I got my own RV.

Tommy Molnar
1 month ago

The highway they showed themselves going up hill on in OR looks like the exact same highway we were on, headed uphill, when we met a wide load coming downhill going way too fast and had crossed over the double yellow into our lane. Luckily the shoulder was super-wide and we escaped disaster by using the entire shoulder on our side. Whew!

Pat McNamar
1 month ago

Is exhaust brake only available on diesel powered vehicles?

Tom Fischer
1 month ago
Reply to  Pat McNamar

Good question, I’m also not familiar with exhaust brakes but seems to be a diesel thing, at least that’s what Wikipedia says.

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