Friday, March 24, 2023


Weird bike, boat and RV combo—the ultimate adventure vehicle!

By Cheri Sicard
Travel to Amsterdam with the Fully Charged Show for a look at the most unique all-electric adventure vehicle ever.

Billed as an amphibious camper trike, the BeTriton is part e-bike, part boat, part camper, and 100% strange!

It has a low weight considering its features. There are seven gears, lots of safety features, rear suspension, and an ergonomic driving position. While it is large as compared to other bikes and trikes, it seems easy to handle.

The tiny camper features sleeping space and solar power.

You drive the boat portion from the opposite side of the bike side. There are five forward and three backward gears.

The boat features side pontoons for stabilization and a 1,150-watt motor that will run at a top speed of 5 km per hour and has a 20-40 km range (depending on wind and other conditions).

To test if it worked, the team put a very large man in it and pushed him out to sea. Check out the results in the video below. Spoiler alert—while it may not go fast, it goes fast enough for its size and functions amazingly well in the water.

Overall, this video, while acknowledging that this is definitely a mad, outside-the-box adventure vehicle, shows that it actually performs each of its three functions quite well.

When the video was posted in the summer of 2022, the BeTriton had gone through its R&D phase and was currently “production ready.” Checking out their website, it is now available for preorder, either ready-made or as a build-it-yourself kit.



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Baron VonFùrstinbed
1 month ago

So stupid it’s funny.

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