Wednesday, December 7, 2022


Resealing an RV roof? STOP! Do this instead and save!


By Cheri Sicard
Are you considering resealing an RV roof? Or hiring someone to seal your RV roof?


Before you proceed with resealing an RV roof, be sure to check out this low-cost RV roof modification first.

I will confess that I have not tried this DIY hack yet, but judging from the comments accompanying the YouTube video below, it’s a big winner.

I would have tried it, had I discovered the video before paying $500 to get my RV roof resealed. Oh, well. Next time.

Ross, from RV Tips & Travels, is a great host with lots of clear instructions and tips. The easy-to-follow DIY video shows everything you need to do to protect your RV roof without resealing.

If you have been RVing for any length of time, you already know how important it is to have your roof sealed to prevent leaks. But instead of resealing his RV roof, Ross uses EternaBond RoofSeal Tape to get the job done in just a few hours.

Ross makes this DIY project seem accessible and doable for nearly anyone.

Best of all, this easy DIY RV roof sealing modification can last for 5-10 years or more!

Of course, when it comes to RV roof maintenance, you will still need to regularly clean your RV roof and inspect it for damage. But when it comes to RV roof weatherproofing and sealing an RV roof, this low-cost hack is genius!


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John Ettel
4 months ago

Great idea. Seems like you should remove the old lap sealant first…

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