Friday, August 12, 2022


Volunteer positions available on BLM lands and elsewhere

Looking for a meaningful way to spend your time by helping others? The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and other federal agencies offer many opportunities perfect for RVers with extra time on their hands, from one-time volunteer positions to others of longer terms. Other opportunities are well-suited to families and groups (maybe your RV club). Some positions involve pay.

Here are more than 1,000 voluntary positions currently available on BLM lands and other locations across the U.S., including camp hosting. Or how about volunteering as a graffiti removal specialist? Love animals? Maybe a volunteer position working with wild horses and burros is up your alley?

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Michael Morris
2 years ago

? Must have done something wrong when signing up for BLM volunteering. Filled in my name and email. Received an email saying “welcome” then was directed back to the original site asking me to log in. Never was asked to create a password soooo…still can’t log in

Deb Treneff
2 years ago
Reply to  Michael Morris

Just use the password reset. You’ll get an email that will let you create a “new” password and can then log in. That’s what I did.

2 years ago
Reply to  Michael Morris

I’ve been struggling with the new site also. I think it requires more internet than I have available. Over a week for them to reply.

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