Thursday, January 27, 2022


It’s a VW van! It’s an RV! It’s a limo! It’s… well, wacky!

Well, take a look at that! Owning this thing would be like owning a puppy, you wouldn’t get very far without people stopping you to chat every few minutes.

We found this photo on the CampingRoadTrip Facebook page and couldn’t resist sharing it with you. This could sleep quite a few people, especially if there’s room up top too!

Is it a VW van? Is it an RV? Is it a limo? It’s all three! And it’s really cool.

Wouldn’t it be fun to take this out for a few nights! Who would you invite?



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5 months ago

Where can I buy it?

5 months ago

I hope it has more than the original 40 hp engine.

5 months ago

I saw this In Hill City SD a few years ago. You could take a tour of Blackhills in it, saw it parked and got pictures of it them saw it driving around.